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Do you think court-ordered abortions should be allowed?

This thread is inspired from an episode of Boston Legal I watched recently. 

Basically, this man's sperm was "stolen" from him by his "girlfriend"... yadda yadda yadda. She ended up going to a fertility clinic, and got pregnant. The man didn't want to get her pregnant, but here she was.... pregnant. So, it turned into a court case.. the man wanted her to get rid of the child, and the woman wanted to keep it. Moving on... [but you should watch the episode]
Would you have been on the side of the court ordering the abortion, or on the woman's side, where she would get to keep the child?
Personally, that woman is insane, and I would have rather she not have that child. I know that when it comes to abortion, it's a life you're taking away, but when you think about that man and how this entire situation affects him.... it makes you wonder. He can't not be with the child once it's born, because then he'll be seen as this father-figure who's never around. And he can't stay with the woman because he didn't even want to have a child with her. I just think that women are valued so much these days, that I feel sorry for men, because it feels as if they're having all of their rights stripped away. We should be on equal planes, not one gender higher than the other.

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No. In that case i would say they should absolve the man of all child-custody related payments, but you can not force the woman to have an abortion.

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I am prochoice so I support the right to choose, even if I might dis agree with that choice.

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They should just alter the baby's DNA to remove the man's contributions. The power of technology.

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