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 Do you think full time mum's work harder than everyone else? (3)

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Do you think full time mum's work harder than everyone else?

I have an ex friend who has had children, and since having them she has said on numerous occasions that she feels being a full time stay at home mum is harder then other jobs, especially womens jobs.

I 100% totally disagree with this. I think she is being very narrow minded and stuck up, there are women out there who have extremley hard jobs whether they be labour intensive or high powering managerial jobs which may cause them to be away from home, work long hours, miss birthdays, Christmas, other family oriented holidays. Stay at home mothers will be around for all of this.

I don't doubt that full time mums don't work hard because they do, but I don't think it's the hardest job in the worled and I don't feel it gives them a valid reason to say they have a harder job.

I would appreciate your opinions on this subject.

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I spend three to four hours a night looking after my two small children by myself. It's very demanding, but far more rewarding and less stressful than my office job. I'd gladly do it full time if I could afford it.

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I wouldn't consider a 'job', as unlikely to result in death, as mothering to be a hard job.

A lot of miners in countries other than america, aren't paid enough to live off. They are put into dangerous life threatening situations daily including but not limited to cave ins, suffocation, fatal equipment malfunction.

It would be hard work but it is nothing compared to jobs involving lots of hard physical labor and danger.