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Do you think legalizing marijuana in the U.S will be a good choice?


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I guess it'll bring down the number of people arrested for it, and it may cause a lot of people who try it because it's illegal to not try it.

I also heard a debate on here before for the same topic that said if Weed becomes legal, the weed sellers will just begin selling more dangerous drugs, thus causing the two topics I said would be better, to become null.

Odd, I don't know, maybe.

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Marijuana hasn't been proven to be more dangerous than Alcohol or cigarettes but the US government acts like it is. I think Marijuana should be regulated and taxed like alcohol and cigarettes.

This will provide income for the states by means of taxes.

It will also mean that states don't need to spend so much money and resources putting people in jail (often private for-profit ones).

Also police officers can focus on actual crimes and and do a better job of responding since their resources won't be so strained.

Finally, a jail time record, for even something like having marijuana can doom an individual's future. It makes it much harder to get a job and stigma is stuck on that individual. With a large population of people not able to get a job partially due to the 'criminal' record they may be forced to live in poverty and turn to actual crime. This in turn will cost the states and government more money and only hurt society.

Prohibition didn't work for alcohol but the government seems to be ignoring history and trying to prohibit marijuana and in this instance, it is doing a great job of just messing everything up and making people's lives worse, except for the ceos of private prisons.

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It would be a good choice because Marijuana basically has no negative side affects. Yes, it might kill brain cells. But it has more positive affects than negitive. It would lower crime rate in the U.S. I also believe if alcohol can be legal, there is not one reason in this world marijuana shouldn't be.

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It equates to lifting Prohibition. This is the 21st century and Federal legalization should happen.

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Remember the thought that ''fluoride kills brain cells to have a compliant population''?? The authenticity of that has yet to be determined, but it is a scientific fact that marijuana has a negative affect on cognitive ability in humans. What if everyone used it? We would be a more compliant population.

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It's already begun, but I don't really give a shit. I will not be doing recreational drugs even if the world legalised them.

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The question isn't: Prodigee, do you want to smoke weed?

The question is: Prodigee, do you want the police to have the authority to arrest and/or kill people caught growing, distributing, consuming or possessing marijuana?

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Del1176(4964) Disputed
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No to the first, yes to the second.

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