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Do you think that Comic Books, Anime, and Manga are for children?

Do you think that all Animes/Comic Books/Manga are or should be geared toward children.


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Some Manga and Anime are for kids, but not all. Pokemon and Digimon are for kids. Nothing really bad in those. One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc. are for Teens. Some of the violence can get bloody. Death Note, Junjo Romantica, Aki Sora, Older Teens to Adults. It really depends on the rating the authors put on the back. BUT, some kids read them anyways. I've seen my friends 4 year old brother play Call of Duty: Zombies countless times. Yet, not one Swear Word or Violent comment comes out of his mouth. It's either the Authors opinion or the parents opinion.

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It depends on what comic books,anime,or manga the children read or watch. If a child picked up a watchmen comic book no you wouldn't want to read that comic book many things in their are disturbing. If you they read Naruto or watch Naruto then I would let them watch it because Naruto is really not that bad there is only fighting and talking and some blood but not that bloody.

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if you read any comic book, you will see how adult it is, and know that they are not for children. however, though i like the adult aspect, i still prefer a book that is almost certainly more intellectually challenging.

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What about Comic Books such as The Watchmen? That is a very deep intellegint book --

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Well there are many comic books that are for all ages. There is also some that are not. It really depends what the child is interested in and what the parent would allow them to read. For kids that are 10 a good comic for them to read could be a Spiderman comic. For 12 or 13 perhaps a Batman. If you would want a comic for humor purposes you could read a Flash, Spiderman, Plastic Man, and many more. So it really depends on the child and what they are interested in. If you wanted your child to read politically correct morale values you could let them read a Captain America or a Superman.

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There are some comic books / manga / anime that are ABSOLUTELY not for children.

Example: Ergo Proxy- an anime which uses surreality and a plot line about the extinction of humanity to take a surreal look at existence through the lens of different philosophical ideals, namely existentialist nihilism.

I rest my case.

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My ex-boyfriend is a huge comic geek, and from what I've seen from his collection, a lot of it isn't appropriate for children.

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It depends on the content , but if talking comics or anime or manga such as shit that would lead an innocent child to become a Furry , NO , THEY ARE NOT FOR KIDS!!!

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Some are some aren't. But as a concept they are no more inherently for children than other broad forms of speculative fiction.

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mmmm i am an anime freak..i admit that..i am addicted to anime i admit that too and i know all kinds of anime..that i admit too but when it comes for maturaty i have to say not all anime and manga and comic books for children!!! some are not even suitable for them! thus no not necessarily ;)

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Is anime and manga for children?

Read or watch Elfen Lied. It's one of the best anime and manga series out there.

Then you'll know the answer to this question.

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Adults like these subjects. Adults are the ones who draw those comics and Anime figures.

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