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Do you think that schools should use computers in place of books?

My school is changing next year.


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Yes. At My Skewl We Already Switched To Laptops. We Get To Keep Them Till Tha End Of The Year, And Then We Get Netbooks Next Year.!! They Are Awesome.!! But Yuu Can Also Got In Alot More Trouble Too..! :D

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Yes, books are great but it's inevitable that computers and electronic devises will take over.

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garry77777(1795) Disputed
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I think your complteley wrong on that, computers have there place but books will never be fully superseeded, mainly casue of there durability and robustness, also the fact that you dont need to charge them up, and you can smack someone over the head with them (meant to be tongue in cheek please dont call me a lunatic) and they'll still do the intended job.

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Hellno(17753) Disputed
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Gary, you think I'm completely wrong? I'm shocked! Really I am... Somehow I suspect you'd also find a way to say I was completely wrong if I said schools should still use books... And come on, why can't I call you a lunatic? You know I want to.

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yes and no.. we've got to get with the times and keep up with everchanging technology but still, books are cool. dont get rid of them.

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It's the wave of the future. Kids like computers and they are motivated to learn by using them.

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My school has laptops for every class, but it seems like they are a little more trouble than good. Each class has about 5 or 10 stacked up because the screen cracked (about $300 to replace) or it has a virus. I love having computers and I think that using them in the classroom is awesome, but I don't think that we should completely rely on them instead of books.

Also, many people still don't have access to computers at home so you would have to find something for that person/people to do instead.

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