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Do you think that solving uemployment will be the most important economic goal of 2021?

There has beeen mass unemployment caused by this year's Covid virus and hopefully jobs will comeback?


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It could be one of them, but not the only one. '

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I'm sure people's needs and desires have remained much the same throughout this pandemic and as the vaccination program pushes back the disease all business sectors will begin to to experience pre-covid-19 demands.

The void left by those concerns which went bankrupt during the crisis will be replaced by entrepreneurs on whose business acumen most people will depend.

People need money to ''pay the bills'' and the best way for the masses to achieve economic self-reliance is through ''gainful employment''.

Viva capitalism and the employers.

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Employment is one of those things where, if you truly want to understand it, you have to be prepared to look at it with a completely open mind. The problem is that everything you see, hear or read tells you that employment is a good thing. A great thing. You're not expected to ever question that.

But if you do question it, you get a very curious reality where people are volunteering for slavery. Preposterous, right? Why would anybody ever volunteer for slavery? Well, because the alternative is death. Or if not death, then extreme financial hardship.

Capitalism is the exploitation of human labour. That's just what it is. And of course employment is the basis of that. You and everyone you know works for someone else, who exploits your labour for profit, and then cuts you a small percentage of your own effort back in the form of a wage. But since it is 100 percent your effort which has generated that revenue, you should be entitled to most, if not all of it, right?

Well, that is why Marx sat down with Engels and wrote the theory of communism. He saw that people were being enslaved and exploited for profit and he wanted to create something better. Something not rooted in the misery of others.

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No. We have to solve this pandemic before unemployment can be "solved". You can't go to work when workers around you are dropping like flies in a RAID storm!

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