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Do you think that the Superman/Batman live action film could be pulled off well?


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Yes I believe it could be pulled off well. The Man of Steel movie was very good so I hope to see a good film with that.

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I am hopeful, but i see it as being very difficult to balance two very different superheroes.

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I think it could but it won't. Everyone has been telling me that it's a superman movie, with Batman thrown in, and it's most likely because they are trying to rush the Justice league movie, which is probably already made, or almost.

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It sounds a little gay to me.

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wardogninja(1789) Clarified
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Do you still think that now that the trailer is out?

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Yeah, from the looks of the trailer I think Batman is going to be catcher.

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Superman: Super strong. Can fly super fast. Has fkin laser eyes. Sex-Ray Vision

Batman: Throws sht. Drives a car or motorbike to get around. Has Mastered many fighting styles.

Unless he rides on superman's back while superman flies...

I don't see how this could work

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