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Do you think that the UK has finally moved into the new era of Brexit?

There has just been a majority of 448 MP votes to accept the latest trade deal with EU.


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The politicians have warned U.K. businesses and the general public to expect ''a bumpy ride'' in the initial stages of Brexit.

The term, ''bumpy ride'' is of course an euphemism for a drive through a mine field in a flimsy vehicle with square wheels.

Those lemmings who voted for Brexit will discover that the achievement of narrow minded nationalism comes with a very high price tag.

National security will be compromised, food prices will escalate dramatically, travel throughout Europe will be fraught with restrictive regulations including insurance difficulties as well as time limitations.

On top of this the necessary imposition of a BORDER in the Irish sea between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland could see the return of terrorism in the City streets of this much troubled Province which is still reeling from the carnage and destruction of 30 years of turmoil. .

When the euphoria settles and reality sets in the poor old Brits will be looking for someone to blame for their own stupidity.

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Those lemmings who voted for Brexit will discover that the achievement of narrow minded nationalism comes with a very high price tag.

You're a strange one Dermot. I'd definitely have picked you as a Leaver.

Most of the data I've seen lately suggests that the majority of people know it was a mistake. I think the next time Labour get into government we'll probably see another referendum on it.

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At long last the U.K., has rid itself of the bureaucratic shackles of the Mafia style E.U., Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Britain can now negotiate trade deals with the nations of the world without being fettered by the petty, inward looking E.U, Parliament.

Costly matters such as the automatic entitlement of benefits for immigrants including illegal criminals can be decided by duly elected politicians at the U. K's Westminster Parliament.

No longer will the bureaucrats in Brussels be able to overrule the decisions of Britain's Supreme Court on which most of the free world's legal system is based.

The U.K will, if it so decides, be able to evict dangerous convicted criminals without the legal ruling of their Supreme Court being overturned by a bundle of old senile, farting liberal septuagenarians in Brussels.

As a nation the United Kingdom has proven many times that it can stand alone successfully and forge its own destiny in a dog eat dog world.

Viva Brexit, Viva the people of the U.K., Viva Boris Johnson.


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