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Why wouldn't they It's their dream
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Do you think the Klu Klux Klan thoroughly approves of what the left is doing?

It has become common for American Liberal colleges, public and private, to offer segregated dorms, graduation ceremonies, and events.

Campus Identity Politics Are Leading To Racially Self-Segregated Dorms And Parties

Race-based dorms emerging across the country keep people in their cultural comfort zones.

Why wouldn't they

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It's their dream

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Why wouldn't they?? They LOVE people thinking they have a First Amendment! It gives them a chance to break windows, burn down buildings, engage in hate crimes, and blame it all on "those other people"!

Next step, bring out those Second Amendment rights and REALLY have a KKK moment! Yep! They THOROUGHLY approve! Nice guys, that KKK, they live for that kind of fun, and THIS kind of guano ingesting President! ;-)

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Nothing you said was coherant, but yes, your party has brought us back 60 years to segregation, killing the civil rights movement. Great work destroying liberalism right before our very eyes.

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