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Do you think the new congress will be more productive than the last one?

After an election year in which legislative business practically ground to a halt, Congress is poised to make up for lost time in 2013. The new Congress will begin its next session with an agenda expected to focus largely on issues that re-emerged over the past several weeks and months, with gun legislation and immigration reform near the top.


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I think it will be harder for them to do worse. But then again anything can happen. Who knows? All I know is that if they can't do better than the last Congress, we are in some serious trouble.

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gun legislation

The federal government has no authority to regulate guns, that authority falls to the states.

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If pro stands for progress, and con is the opposite of pro, then Con stands for Congress.

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Congress is always unproductive, it has never been productive. Governmental action is opposite of progress.

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It will be the same ol', same ol'. Hardly anything will get accomplished. Sad!

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God! I hope not!

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