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 Do you think the opinion of youth is overlooked or ignored? (6)

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Do you think the opinion of youth is overlooked or ignored?

I mean I'm merely a child, being only 13 years of age, and I know that I can blabber about pretty much whatever I want and it will most likely be overlooked by those believing themselves to be superior to me. Don't get me wrong I know I'm not only inferior in age to those who overlook my opinions but also is experience, wisdom, and in most cases maturity. But do you think the opinion of our societies youth - not only on childish matters but as well as serious topics - should be regarded higher than it is?

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i was a teenager not very long me........................enjoy it while you can........go to school, get good grades and play sports if thats your thing. yes your parents dont treat you like you want them too but i will tell you it takes more time and effort to argue with them than to just do what they are telling you to do...............also kill with kindness. make the happy and they will give you more room to play and when you mess up at something they will be less mad then if you were a fuck up. you are a got plenty of time to grow up. high school is as easy as it gets. trust me work, college and bills are not easy. enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stay out of trouble, it makes life way easier and your parents will treat you way better. i found out the hard way.

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Wtf do you know about the world? Seriously? You haven't seen or experienced CRAP.

Today's youth get too much attention. Spoilt beyond belief. One little whinge and you have 20adults bending over comforting you. Soft, idiots who live in a world closed off from reality.

Trust me son, you've got so much to learn over the next few years that even every 6 months everything you knew will be obsolete.

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I didnt mean to plead ignorance with my argument and I wasnt reffering to the support we get maybe YOU believe me to be ignorant, so what? I had two friends comit suicide when I was twelve, its just life. I meant to ask whether the OPINION of youth is overlooked or bypassed because of lack of credibility. So Ill just assume your post redundant and carry on asking what I really meant.

Kinda(1649) Disputed
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I'm just going to repeat what I said.

Your opinion is pointless because every 6months you'll learn and experience and grow so much more that there's no point asking you anything until you actually make up your minds about things..

Don't worry. Someday your generation will inherit the mess we leave behind and you'll get your chance to screw it up some more and leave it for the next generation to do the same ;)

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Yes, yes it is. For good reason.