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Do you think the site's debaters act this way in real life?


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do not

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Uh huh. In real life I eat scattering Japanese people. True dat .........

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Do you think the site's debaters act this way in real life?

Speaking for myself, I am essentially the same in real life--one is just getting a glimpse into my mind, personality, behavior, ect. through the written word rather than face-to-face contact, though the message(s) are the same.

Also, I think most people on this site are generally pretty similar in real life, as it is quite difficult to fake a persona for very long.

Consider the example of Nomenclature: On CD, Nom acts extremely immature & irresponsibly (amongst other traits)--in real life, Nom has admitted to being a drunken fool engaging in obnoxious public behavior to such an extreme he was arrested for the offense. This is very much consistent with the Nom we know on CD.

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No, otherwise most of the population would be walking around with broken noses, cauliflower ears and swollen lips.

It's those who are retiring wimps in real life who come on here and use the safe anonymity of the internet to bellow and swear.

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I mean they might. But the way some of them act would probably get them curb stomped.

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Few internet debaters (at least on sites like this one) have ever participated in a real debate with an organizational format and independent judges. Most have just conversational or classroom experience debating. Which means if their experience is conversational then yes if you have a conversation with them they're eventually going to act the way they do in here. In a sense that validates the way they choose to operate and makes them think they're authentic debaters, but in an even more accurate assessment it means they don't really debate in real life either. They just get in animated conversations where they push the party line of whatever talking points they gleemed from talking heads. Those conversations have elements of debate, but they fall flat if a fair format or objective judge becomes part of the exercise.

So basically, yes they act this way, but they don't even realize that they're really not even debaters. In fact the people in their life who might accurately gage them, whether it be their college professors, or a judge in a court room, they've already dismissed as brainwashed tools of the opposition.

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I do not. Why? Because people online tend to act smarter, especially in debating sites, to make their point clear. They probably don't act like that in real life.

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Of course not. Do you walk around looking like your avatar in real life?

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