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Do you think the world will end by the year 3000?


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So many human activities are progressing on an unstoppable trajectory, the Earth is doomed!

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A software glitch will cause all technology to fail. It will be known as the Y3K bug.

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by the year 3000 scientists have already seen comets and meteorites coming to hit earth. so we are doomed.

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I don't think I will be around to find out...but if we don't change our ways it might be sooner than that.

As far as comets hitting the earth...could be but a hundred some odd years is a long time and scientists will invent something to destroy the comets by then.

I wish all of your a Happy New year and Holiday...what ever you celebrate.

Remember your food banks they need your help.

Southern smiles and world peace,


~The Baby Boomer Queen~

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I believe that we are in the final days. No specific details though...

-get it? I'm Palin!!!!

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if this about the bible than the world was supose to and thring the golf war but it did'nt and be sides if it is going to enf in the year 3,000 then we still have 992 years to go so see then

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you give mee one reason why this world and all people and thing alike that the their going to to die in the year 3000 and if your right then it looks as if im no going to see it

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Call me Nostradamus, I know exactly when the world will end...

In about 5 billion years!


Oh, did you mean when will people die off?

Even if we set off every nuclear bomb we've made at the same time. Dump every ounce of oil into the ocean. And let loose some 28 Days Later type super bug that infects 99.99% of the population; there are like 10 billion people. A man and a woman somewhere will survive and make more people.

It's very arrogant to think we ourselves are powerful enough to end our own existance. Life would just really really suck for a really really long time.

The only thing we know could kill us all off is a giant meteor, which it looks like happens randomely every few million years or so. In which case we're due up.

It's perfectly concievable though that we can get bright enough to fend that off. We also could get bright enough to extend our own lives indefinitely, create machines that can travel space at the speed of light, and find fresh new planets to live on when this one dies.

So hopefully we'll never end, at least until every sun burns out, or the Universe again contracts into a tiny ball and the big bang happens all over again (look up string theory) but that would be trillions and trillions of years from now.

We would have to do all kinds of thing to get to that point though, like shedding ourselves of this ridiculous notion of religion, divorce this marriage we have to the idea of an armegedon, and come up with some government system that rewards improving and furthering life instead of making money and garnering power.

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The world? No. Life on earth, its a possibility that humans will have another WW and this time it will be with nukes and after that only thing around is gonna be roaches.

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I am an optimist and will say that the world will stretch beyond the year 3000.

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We might be barely working on a freeway connected with lights above our city to drive flying vehicles. and perhaps barely accepting new visitors from other planets. That is just what i think it may happen.

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Nope. The world will still be here, but you, I and everyone else will be long gone.

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No, I don't think we'll last that long.

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Didn't Newton predict that "Doomsday" will be in 2012 or something like that? ;D

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The Mayans had a calendar that ends on 2012. No body knows why. Some people think that the Mayan person who made the calendar just got tired and quit. Others think they were foretelling our future. They should have been more concerned with their future. ;)

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