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More touching to adjust I only touch with no mask
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Do you touch your face more with or without a mask on?

More touching to adjust

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I only touch with no mask

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Touching your mask to adjust its position with sanitized hands, which they should be, will not represent an increased likelihood of infection.

To the best of my knowledge there has never been a comprehensive survey of a representative sample of the population to determine how often people touch their ugly mugs with or without masks.

Therefore your query is no more than a pointless rhetorical question which is designed to plant the seeds of doubt about the effectiveness of using this most vital piece of anti-covid-19 PPE.

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In my opinion yes . Our focus at the moment primarily is to avoid touching our eyes mouth and nose - the areas a mask covers . When wearing a mask it can feel very restrictive so we feel the need to adjust it and in doing so we touch the straps of the mask settled on our cheeks where we go to adjust . After a while it can feel quite comfortable to breath so we would pinch the top part of the mask to relief the humid sticky feeling however this top section is situated on the nose ( one of the avoided areas ) although this may be very slight this can still have an effect . Furthermore when are finally able to take of the masks we are likely to brush part our nose and mouth .

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I have no face, so I never touch my lack of face.

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