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Do you trust the press?

Over half of America does not


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Half of America doesn't trust the press....because only half of what the press reports is true.
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Pothead(34) Disputed
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Fox News is such a joke. It ignores all serious issues and just tries to get high ratings. They'll even resort to playing booty footage over real news. Watch this video, then you decide.
Fox Porn News
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Loved the video. O'Reilly is such a two-faced punk. But he does give great phonesex.
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Astroglide(20) Disputed
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So far it looks like a lot more than half the people in the debate don't trust the press!
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I trust certain Press sources such as The Huffington Post and USA Today.

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No way, the press slants information to sell more magazines/newspapers/whatever. They take snippets of information and spin it in to whatever story they think will sell.
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It's not just what will sell. They slant it towards political objectives that will be beneficial for media corporations or the personal gain of their CEO's. Murdoch, Murdoch, Murdoch.

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Indeed, whole countries' media seem bias. Taking the recent Tibet controversy as an example, you will note the pictures of Nepalese police brutality claimed to be Chinese police, selectively cropped images to distort truth (hands from monks helping monks cropped into how a monk was oppressed and subjugated) as well as misinformation spread by the general western press (Kathmandu in Tibet?). Conversely Chinese media has not been terribly reliable either, entirely state owned and operated, giving discredit to images of riots and Tibetan brutality. It really is difficult to find unbias journalism these days. Perhaps also why blogs have become so popular, individuals tend not to rigorously push political objectives.

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Not anymore! I think John Mayer put it best in his song Waiting for the World to Change: "Now if we had the power,
To bring our neighbors home from war,
They would have never missed a Christmas,
No more ribbons on their door,
And when you trust your television,
What you get is what you got,
Cause when they own the information, oh,
They can bend it all they want."
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Also, it looks like Ashton Kutcher is about to premier a new show based on this phenomenon. He's gonna punk the paparazzi. Link below.
Supporting Evidence: Punkin' the press (
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Best Question YET... Anyone who trust the news casts or anchors needs to have a brain scan to remove un-wanted junk and debris.
News on our airwaves, news papers and blogs are terrible opinions from big mouths and no brain who like to hear themselves talk.
I implore everyone to use your own wits and take some time to investigate everything you hear in the news before you judge or believe the words communicated to you
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The media has not supported democracy since the syndicalists of the 1800s.
The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News
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No further than I can throw 'em.

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Of course not! The press is the last group of people you should trust

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