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Do you use Drugs for Non-Medicinal Purposes, and Why?

By Non-Medicinal, I mean, without a serious prescription from a medical professional.

Marijuana, in all cases, will not be considered a "serious prescription" in this debate. If it was prescribed to you by a doctor, go ahead and list the reasons for it's prescription.

I would have used the term "Drug Abuse" but I feel it isn't really abuse if the effect that you're looking for is pleasure. You're essentially getting your intended result from it's use.

Yes, I do. Explain.

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No, I don't. Explain.

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I drink coffee nearly every morning to help me wake up, and usually a Diet Coke for lunch. These are primarily to help me to wake up and/or to stay awake.

I also enjoy a nice frosty beverage from time to time, primarily because I think I have a lot more fun when alcohol is involved.

However, in order to ensure I don't get physically or mentally dependent on either caffeine or alcohol, I typically take at least one month per year where I will completely abstain from alcohol and caffeine.

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I use caffeine to wake me up. I use alcohol to have fun. I use benedryl to get to sleep. And I like the way catnip and spearmint make my tongue tingle.

I think perhaps you may want to specify what TYPE of drugs in your question.

Supporting Evidence: Wiktionary definition of "drug" (
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My only drug is pure happiness =D

Oh and a LOT of caffeine. haha. I'm awake at 12:30am and I need to wake up for school at 6am... hence, i use caffeine nonstop. I need an IV drip with caffeine. That'd make me happy.

But that's the only "drug" i use.

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I was pretty careful about not ever actually saying this on the site, but fuck it none of you know me personally. I smoke pot, and drink. Neither of these two do I do often, and in fact until yesterday it had been 6 months since I smoked.

My reasons are purely social. I have never smoked nor drank when I am not with friends, nor have I ever had the desire to. I feel bad for those people who get high or drunk alone in their home, because they clearly have some issues.

Why do I drink and smoke with friends? A number of reasons. It makes activities a lot more fun, it loosens people up so there none of the awkwardness that might exist. People laugh more, smile more, and in general just have a fun time. I don't do it because I'm depressed, or hate reality. In general I'm a happy person.

Obviously, I'm listing the positives so far, but I am very aware of the negatives. Marijuana doesn't really have any physical dependency issues, but mental dependency can be an issue for someone with an addictive personality. As I said earlier, I can go long periods of time without even thinking about the drug so that is not an issue for me. As for alcohol, there is some physical dependency, but I don't drink enough for it to be an issue.

As for physical harm, for marijuana there is basically none, and for alcohol, only over long periods of time, or if you binge drink. I only drink in moderate amounts and so far have never even gotten a hangover, so I don't think I have to worry. I also never drive while either drunk or high.

In no way am I telling people they should use drugs... that's a personal decision. My opinion is only that drugs, when used responsibly can be a good thing. Now obviously there are some drugs that should be avoided. This chart is a pretty decent guide. The trick is to know your own limits. If you have an addictive personality then you should probably avoid substances.

The only way we can have an adult conversation about drugs, is if we establish that drugs don't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Until then, we are going to just have hypocrisy (see bradf0rd's debate on the other side).

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I smoke marijuana. Check out the Granny Storm Crow's List of marijuana health benefits (linked below). The list is amazingly comprehensive and completely based on scientific studies.

Supporting Evidence: Granny Storm Crow's Master List (
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I very much believe that there is more to life than drugs. With that said, I also understand the power and beauty of some drugs and I choose to integrate them into my life.

I choose to eat a healthy diet, stay active, and encourage responsible drug consumption. Le me also add that this drug consumption is up to the individual, and research, to deem if this is a healthy item to add to their lifestyle. I look to history and science prior to coming to a decision.

I will also point out that there is a reason nature has given us drugs, it is a little naive to think we didn't originate from that what we call nature. Again, responsibility is the key. I don't condone going out, getting crazy and hurting others but if there is something that helps you live your life more fully then go for it.

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beer mmmm alcohol is in beer so thats a drug i smoke nicotine is in that i drink coke caffeine in that and it all make me happy

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Ok I guess you could say it's a medical reason with no medical prescription.

I am bipolar. I can not afford health insurance, nor can I afford a doctor visit.

It's easier to drop $20, roll a joint and calm down, when I go through my manic phases.

That is my reason.

Oh yeah....I DO have a job.

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I'm a liker of caffeine, nicotine and this weird weedy-looking plant. They make life way more groovy and sometimes even fun.

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I am an avid practicer of "drug use"(I like to call them psychoactives). Some of these are medicinally some not.

i smoke Medical cannabis about three times a day (when i can)

i have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression ,and insomnia and after about 2 years on anti-depressants and sedatives i decided to try the infamous herb on a serious note(I had tried it before but was displeased with the results).

It worked beautifully and i began to look deeper into these interesting plants and chemicals that alter the human brain and body to unfathomable lengths.(if you have never tried hallucinogens, then at least read first person reports of some expieriences with them. They're wonderous)

i was very intruiged with what i discovered and since then i have had many phillisophical and emotional expieriences in my life due to these substances. I have no lung cancer, no memory loss, a high sperm count, and I've felt more sane and content than have in my life.

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No, I never do! There was certainly a time I did but that was many moons ago. When I did, I used them for pure pleasure and that started to get old in the early 80's so I quit using them.

I take so many drugs for medicinal purposes now that it's almost frightening to have to do that. I'm on quite a regimen of medicines which includes Morphine (time release) twice daily for great pain and a smaller dose of Morphine Sulfate for breakthrough pain. I take Skelaxin, a muscle relaxer, Klonapin twice daily for anxiety and sleep, Cymbalta for Depression, Nexium & Align for a stomach ailment, Seroquel for depression and a plethora of vitamins and joint specific mixtures.

I think I take enough to even want to get stoned anymore and surprisingly enough, I don't even with these strong medicines. All I can say to those of you who are taking them for non-medicinal purposes is to be careful...very careful and know what you're taking.

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No, I don't. But it would benefit me if other people did because then I would be eligible to do their jobs because they would be stoned off their gourd ;)

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No, I don't.

1) There is no good reason to start. No reason that would be worth it. Yeah I could drink to loosen up and be more social. But in my opinion thats not worth the damage to my health, and the risk of becoming addicted.

2) I want to live a long life.

3) I want to have total and complete control over all of my actions.

4) I would rather have healthy lungs than to try to be cool and smoke. (not that it is cool, but it seems that some of you do it so that your friends approve of you -sad)

5) My health is more important to me than pleasure.

6) I can have a social life without any type of drugs. I can have friends that care about themselves and me. That don't think it's cool to smoke.

7) I can have fun without getting intoxicated in any way.

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duncer(418) Disputed
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you proberly use caffine so ha!

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Haha, every now and then I'll have a mountain dew, but I try to avoid caffeine for the most part. I don't even drink coffee.

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Bradf0rd(1431) Disputed
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4) I would rather have clean lungs too... Unfortunately, I was curious. Cigarettes, nothing else.

I don't know your whereabouts, but in California, or at least anywhere I've been in California, it is looked down on (It's not cool).

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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Uh, thats nice, and you oppose my argument because......?

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I use drugs when I need them, physically, to overcome or help deal with the pain involved with common illnesses, such as the common cold, the flu, or sinus infections.

I don't use anything for pleasure, but alcohol and maybe caffeine. I smoke cigarettes initially because of it's effects, but now I smoke because if I don't I become an easily irritable asshole.

I don't use other drugs with greater effects because it seems, the implications involved are not worth the goal I imagine, are involved.


--> Create mental pleasure:

-----> At the cost of concern for reality.

--> Create general physical pleasure.

>Possible Risks or Costs

-->Risk to physical health:

---->In some cases, risk physical dependance.

---->In some cases, risk physical damage (brain damage/tissue damage/etc.)

-->Risk mental health:

---->Risk mental dependance.

-->Social Implications:


------>Caused by lack of concern for reality...

-------->For personal physical and or mental pleasure.

---->Legality and social pacts:

------>Sacrificing societal standards or pacts

------>Escaping unhappiness caused by real consequences

-------->At the cost of those around you (Someone must deal with the consequences...)

If what you're looking for is pleasure, or the absence of pain dealt by your decisions (indecision is too, a decision), you are acting irresponsibly, whether it's "You're life" and you're decisions, or other people are involved.

Anyhow, I don't understand the virtue in cutting one's ties with reality just to find pleasure in the minutes or hours spent while on something. If you find it that difficult to authentically appreciate the existence you are in, unhindered by substances, you are in need of something to do and probably too unmotivated to do it.

To me, it is a character flaw that shows lack of courage, lack of tolerance, lack of appreciation or understanding of everything (or just a simple lack of concern), and selfishness. I say selfishness because rather than placing reality before yourself, it seems as though when you are looking for a high, or low, you are altering your perception of reality to be in accordance with your liking... As if you were more important than reality. You alter yourself, and your ability to cope with reality, for your own sake. If you believe in a god, then you are essentially showing a great deal of disrespect for the reality that god has created for man, and directly to god because reality is his creation. All of this because you are just aren't as happy as you could be, or don't feel as good as possible.

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xaeon(1095) Disputed
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Why did you post in the no column if you smoke cigarettes and drink bevereges containing alcohol and caffeine, all of which are non-medicinal drugs?

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Bradf0rd(1431) Disputed
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It's hard to say, I was working when I wrote this, and probably interrupted repeatedly by other people and things that I had to do...

I might have forgotten to add "But for the sake of the argument" or something along those line, or I could have been planning to make two arguments, one for each side... There is no way to know though.


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Let me add this since you were the one to create this topic. I was prescribed many drugs from doctors whom you coin as medical experts that put my health at very serious risk. So to say that a medical expert is going to give you a drug that helps you can be a mistake.

Let me also add to the argument that I think you're speaking of one extreme which is drug dependence. Which I think most of us would prefer not to be dependent on a drug. (but this happens more in the Medicinal world than out of it)

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Definitely not. I'm better off without it. And I want to take it if it really concerns a major health problem. I'm more into vitamins, and water therapy. But I do drink a lot of coffee, too.

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