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Do you use social networking websites?

Do you use any social networking sites? Which ones?

Facebook? Myspace? Twitter? et cetera...

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I use Facebook, and, of course, this site.

"CreateDebate is a social network for debating."

Description from here.

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Well I didn't include CD in my mind.... So I'd say it doesn't count for this debate. :)

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Yes, I use Face Book, My Space and CD exclusively. I don't do dating sites and I no longer do chat rooms or the like. I find myself on CD most of the time I'm on-line. It's a fave!

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Yeah, I used lots of them.... Look me up.... Joe_Cavalry ;)

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I think this site actually works better for social networking than say, myspace or facebook, because you actually meet and talk to new people that you don't know. How often do you do that on facebook?

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Yep I have a myspace that I use maybe once every week or 2 weeks and I obviously use create debate as well.

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I'm an internet whore. I'm everywhere.

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I feel that if i don't use certain social networking websites, i'll have no way of contacting my friends in florida, wisconsin, jamaica, hawaii, or canada. some of them don't have phones ! ):

i use FaceBook and Myspace mainly.

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As a teenager, Facebook is almost essential to networking, getting together with friends, communication in clubs/teams/theatre groups, et cetera.

I also use Artician, deviantART, and Flickr to network for my photographic endeavors. And I'll now plug myself shamelessly. Check out my sites! Flickr is my most up-to-date, what I consider something of a portfolio. I'm a photography major at an arts high school; any critique would be welcome!

I'm also on Kaboodle, VegPeople, and CreateDebate (obviously). Hooray, Generation Technology!

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Yes, i use social networking.But i believe that in some way major social networks are effecting how we interact with really people. Anyone can talk to anyone over a computer, But ask them to have the same conversation in person? They might be able to have a short conversation. what im getting at is that social networking changes people whether they see it or not.

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Hell no. I outgrew that crap a couple of years ago. Now I just run amok on my own little Billy-path around the internet.

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I use them as much as I need certain information certain people post there. I don't use it to meet new people or the old ones.

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I don't care nor do I trust social networking websites. There are too many stalkers on there.

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