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Do you want to be talented or genius?

Genius all way

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Genius points to something transcendent. It means bringing new light into the world. Talented could be anything. I could be a talented rapist.

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Either would be great though being a genius is just studying a lot and talented is just practicing a lot. For me, genius.

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Genius it stands for moron you know,genius it means " genetically exemplary nuisance in utter shock" that's why Einstein had straight,curled up locks you know

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Say it in English. Your prayers are failing because you are speaking in a language that no one knows how to speak but you.

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I don't want any added lucky favors,I want to exploit the ability I've got

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So go buy yourself a hooker off of the street. *

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Well I agree with Andy and so feel that we've to utilize what we've got and play within our limits,we should always learn and improve and then vy to be the best

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