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Do you wish for the world to end in your lifetime?

I went to see that 2012 movie last night and it got me thinking.

This urge for wanting to predict the end of the world has been with us for a long time.

It seems that humans, throughout the ages, have wanted to see the end of the world happen in their lifetime.

So big is this urge, that Hollywood is making billions on selling us the visions that we obviously fantasize about.

Do you wish for it to happen in your lifetime (so you can see it) and why?


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Yes. I want to be around for the Big Bang! I want to see my name up in the sky when they start to role the credits :)

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yes i've thouoght about it and that would be the way i want to go..It beats getting shot or having some freak accident

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It isn't really a good thing to wish for the death of billions of people any sooner...

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The last thing I want is to have to wait in line for St. Peter to process all those people ;)

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The "end times" have been right around the corner for many, many millenia now. It's nothing new at all.

I was actually going to see "2012", but all the hype around that bogus "the end of world prophesy" turned me off to it eventually. I don't need to see more "disaster porn" as Colbert put it a while back.

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I'm viewing 2012 in the same way as The Day After Tomorrow. Just Hollywood's excuse to make a shit load of money off of another paranoid, end of the world fear.

I'm gonna see it with my aunt (she loves movies like this, mainly just action and special effects, yet she also likes serious films like Doubt and Blow... shit).

do I expect it to be good? Not really. But the special effects look fuckin' amazing. And if anything, it should be better than that disaster piece Transformers 2 (for a director who's known for special effects, that shit lacked majorly).

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No, absolutely not. I do not wish to see it in my lifetime or ever for that matter. I have not seen the film yet but why would anyone wish to bear witness to such a devaststing act?

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I just want to say this.

some people want to see the end of the world for they have lived long enough and it may give them a chance to see something amazing for perhaps the first time since the miracles talked about in the Bible. Giving the illusion of never ending satisfaction.

yet people who say that are just being selfish and putting their own greed's ahead of the younger generations. For i am of the younger generation and am only 15, I still have my own hopes and dreams for the future, my own wants and my own duty try and prolong the human race not wish for its destruction.

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