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Does America need a 'Hitler' ?


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yes in deed suh we does really need one suh he a good man suh

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NOBODY, needs a Hitler. In America, a Hitler would be even more devastating to the rest of the world than in a smaller country! We are closer to authoritarianism than we have been since the oligarch of the late 1800's. It MUST be stopped. A "Hitler type" is the LAST thing we need!

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Hello I:

Nahhh... We got a Mango Mussolini.................


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If america had a Hitler then we wouldn't have these kinds of rights we have right now such as freedom of speech and the right to religion and it gives us all this freedom and if we have a Hitler it will be taken away in a heartbeat. our constitution will be thrown away like a person who messed up on a essay with a pen. it would strike chaos in every state and fear in every citizen. bu then it would be a civil war all over again with Hitlers supporters vs the true Americans.

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Obama was the closest we've had to Hitler. Dropping bombs like a maniac, ousting foreign leaders, and allying with Islam at the hip? Yep. Obama was the closest we've been in history.

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Yes, and Hillary would have been too.The left wing says Trump is a Nazi, but who imposed gun control to prevent revolts? Hitler. Who supported protests against a certain group that would eventually get violent? Hitler. Who wanted a strong world government? Hitler. Get what I am saying here?

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Sure do. Hitler also was allied with Islam. The Nazis SS consisted of many Muslims. If you type in "Adolf Hitler quotes Islam", you'll see him glorifying Islam. If you look up "Hitler Grand Mufti" you'll see he had allied with the Islamic leader of Jerusalem. His Islamic influence is where the Nazi salute and the burning of people alive (especially Jews) came from.

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