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 Does Anyone Know the Meaning of Life? (13)

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Does Anyone Know the Meaning of Life?

what is your opinion?  what do you think is the real meaning of life?  is there one at all?

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The meaning of life is a life full of meaning...........................................................................................

midgesdad1(1) Disputed
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Why should there be a meaning of life it is just a sentence created by intelligent animals to try to justify their existence similar to the churches inventing a god to

justify their existence while at the same time building up great masses of wealth and control/power over the poor sods they con.

A more complex explanation for why there is life would be to first consider what we are able to deduce from our own surroundings and intelligence for example we the human are the most intelligent being/lifeform that we know over all other lifeforms, planets, stars etc although we have nothing else to compare ourselves against

The other thing to consider is for all we have achieved the one main thing that controls our destiny our survival is our Sun/Star/Atom but this does not have any concious thought movement or comprehension of its surroundings

But our sun surely cannot be there just to control our existence and eventually our demise along with all the trillions of other suns/stars

Consider this, what if us the lifeform/Entirity are surviving close to an atom (The Sun) inside another entirity (The Universe) which if we could observe would be surviving with a whole new set of entirity's alongside another Sun/Star Atom

in another entirity and so on

If this was correct it would explain the big bang the birth/conception of the Universe/Entirity along with how the universe started as a soupy existance and is growing/ageing exactly like ourselves perhaps we may have some lifeforms living alongside atoms in our entirity/lifeform

Some doubters would say that the proportions and distancies would be far too great. But why would that be the case given our own limited ability to see (or ever see) the whole picture

If I am on the right track it would give our sun a purpose, that being a part of the make up of a large entity

Also along with us being such a minute part of the universe/entity we wouldn't appreciate any movement or have any knowledge of what we were a part of

The universe is growing and perhaps like us all the atoms are moving outward in all directions this could be part of the ageing mechanism for both us and the universe

If all this was close to being correct where would that leave religion

I think probably nowhere and we would all be better served going back to worshipping the Sun

Only I know the meaning of life - my meaning, that is.

Sure, you or others may think that you know what life is all about, but, unless it agrees with my version, then your reason is invalid.

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It's whatever you decide it is. Nothing can impose meaning on your life externally, you need to determine it for yourself.

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Either there isn't one, or we will never know it. It shouldn't matter either way, just live your life and do the best you can. And just in case there is a Magical Space Panda whom will judge you with his mighty bamboo shafts of justice, don't step on any necks on your way.

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The meaning of life is to reproduce, I me self am not religious, but nature or "god" gave us reproduction organs that provide mass amounts of pleasure apon use. Also every other species soul purpose is to reproduce.

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To me the meaning of life is what i decide to make of it. Life isn't a game. You can die today or 20 years from now, no one never knows when there time is. So my motto is "Party hard, Love many, and Hold your head high because only you can bring yourself down."

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i think its all about the person you can bring meaning to you life or you could have none so i would hope must people don't waste there life being stupid

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Clues to life's meaning exist all around us, but you need to know how/where to look. Activities that leave you unfulfilled and scared of death aren't the answer; party till death is one of those. The path to adulthood can be neatly summed up as "make it without being as fucked up as possible", which is why turning to adults for the answer leads to the perversions of meaning we arrive at today. The key lies in children, and the way they operate in this world; before sexual/substance/ego abuses that distort core values, emotional responses, and patterns of thought/interpretation.

-This isn't to be confused with learning life lessons and ideal methods of operating in this world; these are attained through life experience ergo adults. It's necessary to look to untainted sources for base values, the most important being purpose.

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I don't know the meaning of life. But I do know this;

There is more to life than increasing it's speed.

I could quote from hundreds bu this one has had me thinking the latest.

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I don't think we will ever know the meaning of life if there is such a concept based on our understandings and our lack of ability to see the bigger picture

What I would Like to know is (based on the fact that we are intelligent beings are aware of our surrounding and able to discuss or debate all aspects of our lives) how is it that the most important thing we require to survive (the sun) apart from being a powerful object doe not possess any of the afore mentioned qualities we possess

The only thing that would justify the suns existance {based on our reasoning} would be if it was part of a larger collections of atoms /suns that made up an entirety (for want of a better word) and perhaps our universe is that entirety and that in turn survives in another universe that makes up another entirety and so on

Perhaps we are a life form (entirety) surviving along with every other Life (entirety) near the Sun (Atom)

We Know the universe from its birth is expanding (growing) therefore is it not feasible that it is doing on a far larger scale exactly the same thing as we ourselves are doing and like ourselves will eventually cease to exist

If this were to be correct it would give a reason why all the powerful bodies in the universe and solar systems were there

It would also mean that we will never see the bigger picture being a part of whatever entity we are part of

Just the same as anything within our entity will never be able to see the bigger picture

This theory/concept may be proved incorrect but it would probably stand up better than inventing some god to believe in of whatever type shape & size

Jack Midgley

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Of course i know what the meaning of life is, it is something i have pondered for many years. Firstly, i have to say, like some have already stated, that it is person specific. However, generally speaking, most people are after happiness in whichever, whatever way they can achieve it!

Some people do it through money, some through fame, some through religion, or a mix of a couple or all three of what i've mentioned.

There, i hope i've given u some perspective now, don't go and kill yourself.

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"There, i hope i've given u some perspective now, don't go and kill yourself."

what is your problem, dude, i made this debate to see what people thought, not because i wanted to kill myself! go be a jock somewhere else

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