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 Does Democrat logic make sense? Help the poor, kill the poor. Can there be bigger phony's? (6)

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Does Democrat logic make sense? Help the poor, kill the poor. Can there be bigger phony's?

The Democrat Party has now added words such as poverty to their list of reasons for killing viable babies up to birth. They also added the word "health" to their excuses for aborting viable babies. They made sure to include mental issues in with "health", and in that way allowing all abortions. A woman simply has to say she is depressed over the pregnancy. Can any doctor disprove that claim?

So lets look at what the Democrat Party supports, and you decide if they have an ounce of compassion for anything but getting elected.

If you are a viable child, lets say one month from birth, your life according to Democrats is worthless and deserving of no protection. Now if that same child makes it down the birth canal gauntlet, he is magically afforded the same protections in life as you and I (unless of course it was a botched abortion and the baby was born alive. Then it is allowed to die with no medical help).

So these very same people who piously preach their love and compassion for poor people, has deemed a child's life expendable if his family is poor. Does that sound compassionate to you? To me it sounds a lot like pandering to radical Feminist pro abortion lobbies for money and votes. Since when does poverty justify the death penalty?

Now if we listen to fake news and the Democrat Party, we would think that the GOP is made up of heartless monsters who hate the poor. Lets take a look at what the GOP actually supports...

The GOP has tried many times to protect all viable babies (with extreme case exceptions) whether poor or not. They also support helping poor people, especially those who can not help themselves. If a person is an able bodied poor person, the GOP gives them a period of time to find a job and help pay for some of their own healthcare and food.

The GOP supports healthcare for catastrophic illness or accidents, even if you can not pay.
They also have the intelligence to understand we can not afford to give everyone free healthcare for the common cold, etc. etc.

So I ask you, which Party seems more compassionate when it comes to innocent life, whether poor or not.
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Their ideology is based on an end and not the means. They want a "utopian" welfare state. How they get there is irrelevant to the left. That's why they can flip on a dime on anny issue. That's why their ideology appears to be just go opposite of what Trump says. They see him as being in the way of their end, thus, he must be opposed on anything and everything. That's why they are militant towards anything that opposes them.

And there are steps to it.

1)Convince yourself that a welfare state is good.

2)Convince yourself that anyone who disagrees is evil.

3)You begin to only believe libs, thus don't need any outside opinions.

4)Convince yourself that the only reason anyone would oppose you is racism and not based on fiscal logic.

5)Defend what they consider "good" at all costs. If people get hurt or destroyed that is just collateral damage. Convince yourself there is no way the welfare state can be bad or have side effects.

You of course are correct about the Democrat Party. They will oppose anything and anyone that hinders their chances of furthering this supposed Socialist Utopia.

Yes, the Left wants their supposed Utopian welfare State, and if a viable life, or a Special Need's child gets in the way of the affordability of such a State, then the innocent life is sacrificed for the good of the Collective.

Do you remember after Obamacare was passed, the Left all of a sudden said that women no longer needed to be checked as often for breast cancer.

If the Left succeeds in forcing their Socialist Utopia, I wonder how long it would be before they started cutting back on healthcare for old people?

If old people die sooner, it would help slow the inevitable bankruptcy of all their social programs.

So lets get rid of viable babies, Special Need's babies, old people, women with breast cancer, etc. etc. and VIOLA, rich white men like Bernie Sanders will be the only old people allowed healthcare.

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I pondered some Biblical meaning to the situation. After some deep thought, I correlate that what the left is engaging in is what the Bible calls "the spirit of the slave."

It seems to be a theme once you think about it.

God loved Jacob and disowned Esau. What was it Esau did? Got the big inheritance. Gave it away for a crust of bread.

God was wroth with the Israelites in the desert. Why? They wanted to be slaves to the Egyptian state over freedom, possessions and promises given to them by God himself.

God goes into judgement once again? Why. People rejected salvation and freedom. For what? To worship the state, and things that make humans once again...slaves.

I wonder when the Left is going to go after foster kids? It seems that their lives would be expendable based on the criteria of poverty and being unwanted.

We already know that the lives of Special Need's children (Special Olympic kids, etc.), are deemed expendable simply because of their diversity.

Is this the Party of true tolerance, inclusiveness and compassion?