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Does OBama have a shot at getting re-elected in '12

Does anyone like the change?


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I can only hope and pray that he does not. People need to visit before voting for anyone. As far as Palin she was singled out by lame stream media and attacked. They even made fun of her Autistic baby that's pretty low. They attacked her whole family, I can understand why she resigned. Obama won one election by having three of his own party members disqualified. He launched his career at Bill Ayers home. Remember the Weather Underground guy that bombed Federal buildings in the 70s? Their goal was to kill 25,000 American citizens. He never did any time for it after being on the FBI's 10 most wanted list. One of his buddies Jones did time and he helped write the cash for clunkers and stimulus bills. Then there is reverend Wright have any of you listened to his sermons? He preaches white hate. Tony Resco he was indicted for land fraud. He and the Obama's bought a home in Hyde Park together or he sold it to them at a reduced price. Obama was so proud of his work with Acorn until they were exposed for helping a supposed pimp and his prostitute girl friend set up and doge taxes a prostitution house with thirteen year old girls. Obama also as a lawyer sued banks that would not make loans to people that could not afford them and illegals. So he really helped create the banking crisis. I could go on but it would take a long time. There is so many shady people in his circle. I feel like the White House has been invaded by Chicago thugs. There has been so many back room deals and appointments it is sickening. I think the czars need to be removed from the government. They are like the Fed. they do not answer to anyone. They are not vetted by Congress. We are a laughing stock around the globe. Do you think all these uprisings are just a coincidence? The extreme Islamic groups know that Obama is weak. For the first time ever I am affraid for our country. The union bosses have no business visiting the White House on a weekly basis. Obama does not meet with his own cabinet members, some of them have never met with him in three years. He has no experience and someone is pulling his strings. When Michelle said for the first time in her adult life she was proud to be American I almost lost it. I actually felt sick for a week after he was elected and I am not a racists. I never have been. I would have voted for Collin Powell. I would vote for Allen West a senator in Florida, I believe. We all need to do some back ground searches before we vote. Obama voted along with Bush more than 90% of the time. Most of the time he was on vacation or just voted present. Out of 236 bills that came to the floor for a vote he only actually voted on 116 of them less then half. He has taken at least ten vacations since he took office. He calls the tea party folks extremists while he refers to terrorists as individual law breakers. Everything is upside down. He refuses to enforce our immigration laws and sues states that try to protect its citizens from the criminals coming across our southern border. The violence is exploding there. How many more U.S. citizens have to die? Life is hell for these folks. Their property is being stolen, their fences are trampled, their gardens, trash and human waste are left for them to clean up. A Virgina man was arrested a few months back for smuggling 272 Somalis across and he said that some were good and some were bad. Mexicans are not the only people crossing that border and our government knows it. So we also have terrorists coming into our country down there. Why fly to the U.S. when you can just walk in, no questions asked? Folks we all need to vote and contact our representatives when we have concerns. I do this on a weekly basis. Thanks for the venting. May God bless you all. I hope I can still say that. Did you all know that this passed Obama chose not to observe our National Day of Prayer and then the very next week he invited the Muslims to D.C. for a week of prayer, they even closed streets so they could all kneel at sunset. Check everything I have said and you will see it is all true. The media has been bought and paid for by George Soros. He may be the wickedest man alive. His face lights up when he talks of taking the possessions of the Jewish people in WWII, even though he was only fourteen and of Jewish decent himself. He hid the fact and helped the SS persecute the Jews. I think that is one reason that Obama dislikes Israel and has alienated them from us, and boy do they need us now. I can't believe what is happening in the world. I pray the good people can hang on until we get a president with some backbone, morals, and experience. Yes I would really like to see the long form birth certificate too. Why would he spend in excess of $1 million to keep from producing it if there isn't something he does not would known? If it were me and there was any question I would have it printed in every newspaper in America. After all he is supposed care how the American people feel and for there to be any question at all is ridiculous when it is so simple to remove all doubt. That makes me feel there is something there that isn't quite right.


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Of course! Especially if he's up against Sarah Palin. Then it's certain.

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Im republican every way you look at it but i would have hard time supporting Sarah Palin as presidential nominee. Then again no way would i supoport Obama. Only choice Palin would have more experience than. Yes thats including 4 years presidency under Obamas belt.

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aveskde(1935) Disputed
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Then again no way would i supoport Obama.


Only choice Palin would have more experience than. Yes thats including 4 years presidency under Obamas belt.

Palin cannot have more experience because she was never president. Further, choosing her would be choosing a figurehead - a puppet, someone the common slob feels he can relate to but who actually makes no independent choices of her own as her advisers and supporting interest groups run the show.

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ooh dear god, is she actually going for it?

please tell me this is some kind of sick and twisted joke

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Sad as it is to say,he does have a chance of getting re-elected in 2012. There are those that will support Obama no matter what he does,how he does it,and how transparent he's making it. There are people who will always believe that Obama's only doing"what's right for the country",no matter how many crappy Health Care Bills he may write or how many secrets such as oil spills that he may attempt to keep secret for the right amount of money. It was the same thing with Bush,there are those who will continue to believe they Bush was the absolutely worse president in history and there are those that will always view him as being a "racist white republican",says some people that I personally know. Truth is,neither one of them is the absolute worse or best presidents we've ever had. They just made some huge mistakes and irrational decisions. And on a side note,Bush got re-elected after his first term so why wouldn't Obama have a chance of getting re-elected. The sad,but undeniable truth...

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It is now 2015 and I am happy to have voted with the majority to re-elect President Obama in 2012.

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If Obama is up against Palin, then he might have a shot, but otherwise I would say no. Many people are upset at Obama and the democrats for the stimulus package not doing enough, for health care being forced down our gullets, for his proposed 1% transaction tax etc.

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There is no way that Palin will be the Republican candidate.

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I sure hope you're right.


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does Vladamir Putin have a chance of reelection in '12? ;)

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I really hope people aren't stupid enough to vote him back into office.

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Have you noticed that his approval rate has greatly decreased since he was first elected? I will be 18 for the next election and he for sure is not getting my vote. He has done so many things to this country that everyone wants undone (social healthcare). There is no way that this guy will be re-elected, not after all the mess that he did not help clean up. We need someone to stop making promises and take charge. Someone who will know a lot about the economy and business, to give us a more stable economy and that will not be Obama.

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