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 Does Racism still exist in Western law? (6)

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Does Racism still exist in Western law?

Feel free to share your opinions on wether or not racism still exists in constitutional or commonwealth law, personally I think not.
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I'm not talking about the war on drugs, sure it is a bad thing and a violation of our rights, i'm talking about institutional racism, racism in politics and racism in schools.

excon(13708) Disputed
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Hello G:

Well, pardon me for thinking that the war on drugs was PART of western law...


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western law is the most tolerant and color blind law, racism still exists and what keeps it in check is western law. what prevents malicious attacks from spiteful groups of biggots is western law and tolerance.

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WinstonC(1226) Disputed
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We already discussed this but those laws were championed by black lawmakers in an attempt to get crack out of the inner cities. Since blacks and whites are supposed to be punished equally under this law, I don't see how it can be racist, despite the fact proportionally more blacks use crack than whites.