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Does The Saying 'You Get What You Give' Justify Violence?


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Yes. Makes people who intend to victimize others consider the consequences before they take an action. Unpunished insolence encourages it. I don't believe in vengeance but delivering a message.

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Does The Saying 'You Get What You Give' Justify Violence?


Sure. I ask no quarter, and I give no quarter. If somebody is violent towards me, I'm gonna be violent towards them.


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I hope not, because it equates to an infinite cycle of violence. The problem with justifying violence is that there's always a way to justify it, if you're determined enough and unafraid to bend logic. Believe me, the Germans in WW2 thought they were the good guys.

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I've never come across that proverb associated with the link to retaliatory violence which you suggest it is.

I am aware of a very close maxim which is;-''you ONLY get what you give''which is meant to stress that, there is a definite association with the effort one puts in with the rewards one receives.

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