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 Does a Debater Need Allies? Is there a Point Behind Declaring Enemies? (28)

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Does a Debater Need Allies? Is there a Point Behind Declaring Enemies?

I may agree or disagree with any given debater, on any particular debate, or even any given point.  I'm not genuinely a 'hostile' person, no matter how much I disagree, though some points I may debate aggressively.  I'm an old hippie, and very liberal, but there are "conservative" points I'll agree with.  I'm an atheist, but don't assume I won't agree with a theist on some issues.

People are complex, and I assume that's generally true of all but the most simple-minded - who probably don't like debating, anyhow.

I've been offered alliances, and pretty much ignored them.  One turned hostile.  I'm not here looking for allies, or enemies - just differing points of view...and similar ones, too, I suppose.

Oh...and in the real world, I'd have no problem sitting down with a cup of coffee with any of you...unless you don't do coffee.
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Debates should be fact based. Arguments are emotional. I'm not here for argument.

xMathFanx(1723) Clarified
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Debates should be fact based. Arguments are emotional. I'm not here for argument

There are very few "facts" that we know of relative to humanities generally accepted scope of knowledge. Unless you are stating a pure Logical or Mathematical definition (where the rules of the game are internally constructed), then one necessarily must make an argument in an attempt to justify a point.

EldonG(538) Clarified
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Sure, I get that we refer to one major point in any debate as an argument, but it shouldn't be an emotional argument. The point I'm trying to get to is that objectivity is a goal in a good debate.

Finally a good post by you to someone talking shit. I am proud of you.

Nomenclature(1257) Clarified
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Unless you are stating a pure Logical or Mathematical definition (where the rules of the game are internally constructed), then one necessarily must make an argument in an attempt to justify a point.

And when that argument consists of stamping your feet and repeatedly calling your opponent mean names like "conspiracy theorist" and "child", one can be sure you are being emotional.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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That's the problem with so many Liberals, Democrats, etc., on this site. They deny simple facts which makes them a waste of time to debate.

To all the deceptive people on this site, when you vote for the Democrat Party, and then say you do not support No Restriction abortions.... you are a complete liar and total waste of time to debate.

There can be no intelligent debate with someone, who simply denies who he is and what he supports with his vote, when it hurts their argument. Until you are honest with what you support, it is like debating a 5 year who denies the bad things about themselves.

Try being secure about what you support rather than denying it to hide your true colors.

Yes I realize that the truth many times shows your hypocrisy concerning tolerance towards others, but like an alocholic, until you admit what you support, you will never be able to overcome your inhumanity towards healthy viable lives.

The only benefit I see to an enemies list is to make it quicker to ban them from my debates. Wasting time with liars is not why I'm on this site.

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Those are gimmicks, and not all that different from points and getting voted up or down. All that matters is the quality of argument you put forth. You don’t need a token reward for doing it or a posse to come to your aid.

Habitually I accept friend requests only to be nice and ignore enemy requests because they’re childish.

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Anyone who believes strongly in their genuinely held views about a given topic should have the conviction of their belief(s) to state their opinions without needing the support of anyone nor be deterred from doing so by those who express opposition.

If people so decide to make allies or enemies of those with whose ideologies they either agree or disagree is immaterial and totally irrelevant.

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Naww there's no point to them. Ally/Foe/Enemy means nothing really, it doesn't change how a person debates. Facts are important, sometimes emotion can be used to explain why a person feels a certain way but it's much easier to debate with logic.

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So that's all our alliedship means to you? Nothing? Wait...., I just checked..., WE'RE NOT EVEN ALLIES!!!???!!! You think you know someone... oh well ;)

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What?!? What over site it this? I thought we were, lol, goes to show how much I look at it. I'll send the ally request, if you find it in your heart to forgive me! ;D

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There is always a point behind something but the point can be emotive rather than pragmatic or automated and in this case it, indeed, is emotive. :)

Enjoy being alone. We will gang on you and eat you for breakfast when it comes down to it.

The kid who gets bullied and can't stand up for himself/herself isn't the weakest or the dumbest it's the loneliest.

It's not survival of the fittest but survival of the best adapted and part of adapting is being likeable to enough people to gang up with you against common enemies.

EldonG(538) Disputed
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No, you won't. Feeling a bit predatory, there, are we? Trust me, if you want someone to bully, I'm not the one. I'll laugh in your face. I can stand up for myself. By myself.

For what it's worth, you're the only one that's gone hostile to me. I'm not hostile to you, nor do I intend to be. This is an internet debate site, and I have no problem debating anybody. There are debates I won't rule in on, for various reasons, but trust me, nobody will simply "eat me for breakfast".

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Since only I am hostile to you, you don't really need an ally for now. :)

Antrim(1286) Disputed
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Feeling the necessity to be liked or to seek sanctuary by running with the herd is the true description of one of life's followers, a member of the 'SHEEPEOPLE' brigade.

World leaders and those strong individuals who forthrightly assert their views and/or political dogma will always attract a following of weak minded minions who are incapable of formulating and holding onto their own principles or opinions.

Some of those with strong personalities may find it interesting to present their viewpoints in a persuasive manner in order to see how many of those with sponges for minds they can fill with their own contentions, whilst other couldn't give a tinker's damn what other people think.

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This is very much my opinion on the subject. I'm not here to follow, and I don't see any need to lead. If I influence others' opinions, fine, but I want it to be through facts, objectively presented. I'm open to my views changing, too, but it damn well won't happen because someone got emotional.

That said, I'm human. I won't always be objective, even if I try, but that's not a good excuse to simply not try. I'm also older than a lot of you here, and that's a lot of becoming set in my ways. It gets harder, as you become older, to be truly open...but it's important to me.

My brain is not as sharp as when I was younger. When I was a late teen, I literally knew almost no adults that could keep up with me. The brain degrades, if you don't actively use it, and I got very lax - I've never had a job that seriously challenged me that much, even when I worked as a troubleshooter in the tech industry. One thing good debate is, is mental exercise. I could use it.

AlofRI(3290) Disputed
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You have requested me as an ally. I sometimes agree with things you say, but, here is an example of why I wouldn't be an ally of yours. This is an attitude the world does not need. Actually, I don't accept allies OR enemies, I'm not here for that. Debating here should be your opinion, not your TEAM'S opinion, even though that seems to be a conservative game plan.