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Does a straight man have the right to marry two women who are married?

Why is bigamy not a right? What if they love each other? Where do we draw the line and how do we decide where to draw the line and at what point do we decide to draw the line somewhere else?

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It's so easy being a conservative ;) You just say, "Hey, the lines are already drawn. Live with it." And you don't have to bang your head trying to figure out the answers to these questions ;)

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My head hurts. I think I'm getting on the ban marriage all together bandwagon.

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At the very minimum we can make sure that the word marriage is not on any government document.

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technically the sanctity of marriages supposed to be between A man and A woman not a man and TWO OR MORE women lol just my two cents however i do not say that is all it should be i personally believe it should b between a man and a woman and should not be limited to one person but what do i know lol

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I don't think anyone should get to decide who can marry who.

Marriage is an oath between people who marry and are personal matters. I could marry a pencil if it could understand it's concept.

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Well, marriage used all the way back to the Roman times was used to benefits opposite sex couples because they actually benefit society more (reproduction and balanced parents).

the thing is, nowadays with all the crap being flown, it's time to reconsider who gets to get married and who doesn't because

1. Men and Women, although still have different emotional/logical intellect, are playing each others' roles way more.

2. So many people are adopting now, encouraging reproduction is obsolete.

3. People actually think marriage is about love, making it hard for the government to define marriage.

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xaeon(1093) Disputed
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Seeing as the Roman Empire started around 27BC, same-sex relationships were rife and same-sex marriage wasn't outlawed until 342AD, I'm going to have to call bullshit on that little factoid.

There were most definitely same-sex marriages, and the idea that marriage was specifically for opposite sex couples to benefit society is pure speculation on your part.

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OK, but does a straight man has the right to marry 2 gay women?

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Who says we need to draw a line there Joe? Let people marry 30 cacti if they want, who the hell cares?

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Ouch, It's hard to imagine what cactus sex is like ;)

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