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Does absolute freedom exist?

The presence of universal attributes makes me think that it does not.


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In a government system, some freedoms are restricted by laws.

In an anarchy, you only have as much freedom as you can take or hold, and have no guaranteed freedoms or rights.

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You are a slave to design.

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In this context no it does not..

But the one who lives off the land in the mountains, that's is true freedom. It is possible to have true freedom. But we would have to give up common things we have grown to not live with out. Something as simple as running water and soap. There are people who live off the grid and do very we'll.

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No. If we have complete freedom we would destroy each other. There must be law to obtain freedom. There must be restrictions to keep freedom. Freedom is being able to choose between many choices. But there cannot be choices that will hurt others and etc....

Absolute freedom does not exist because there are some things we cannot do that we want to do. We do not have all the choices to do things like we want to.

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Are you just going through all your old debates again?

There are very very few rights that can be said to be an absolute right because they have to be rights that not interfere with the rights of others. One example is the right not to be tortured. This is recognised as an absolute right under the European Convention on Human Rights. Suppose it would be difficult to disagree with the idea that a child's right to have a name (under the UN declaration of the rights of the child) is also a absolute right.

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I dont think I covered this subject before. Ill give you an example: rape is proof that absolute freedom does not exist because the freedom of the rapist violates the freedom of the attacker. The same with murder and torture.

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The rapist still has an absolute right not to be tortured. So an absolute right does exist. Clear though most rights are not absolute.

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Depends in what context you put freedom in.

For instance, in most of the "civilized" world, the people in a nation can vote and elect an representative which represents them in their government.

That is freedom in the political sense.

If you mean by doing whatever you want to do, then that is freedom in the human nature sense.

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