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Does felatio effect your breath?

Basically I want to know if someone can tell you've been playing the flesh flute by smelling your breath?


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My boyfriend says he wont kiss anyone after they've.... you know....

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I certainly believe this to be true. Everyone, no matter how clean you are, gives off an odor and that can creep into your mouth very quickly and give off a very unpleasant aroma. Best to be certain and at least use mouthwash afterwards. Some might find that insulting but it's just the reality of the situation.

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Well, if it's right after, hell yeah.

But if you brush your teeth and shit, most likely no one's going to tell.

Think about it; I'd say about 80% of females have or will give a blow job. That would be suggesting that 80% of female's breath smells like cock. Unlikely.

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The quality of this site just depleted by about 20%. There are lots of things I am fine with discussing, and maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but words cannot express how much I do not want to think about this right now. Besides, this isn't even a debate; it's a question for a health professional or expert on sex.

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Actually this is a question for an oral hygiene expert. ;)

But don't blame it on the site.

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-.- I'm not blaming the site; I'm saying that the quality of the site is suffering due to debates such as this.

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Not if you brush your teeth.

I mean, I think it's gross to go cock to mouth too, and I'm the girl! I'd not like the guy to go cunninglingus to mouth. But it's not a breath issue. It's an "I don't want to taste myself down there" issue. That's just...weird.

Strange debate, but the answer is no.

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I cannot say because I do not know but how would one know what a male organ smells like without getting really close to one.

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