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Does hypocrisy always negate a point?


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I'm not going to say that it always does just because that wouldn't be true.

If a father is a smoker and tells his son that he's not allowed to smoke, he is being a SORT OF hypocrite, but he's doing it for what he feels is best for his son. Also, there are many factors to weigh in to see if the person is really a hypocrite or if they're justified. Maybe the father never started until he was 18, maybe the father is addicted and doesn't want his son to suffer from the same fate.

However, when someone is found to be a hypocrite, it often times makes us see the validity behind what they've been preaching this whole time. When a Republican senator talks about the vileness of homosexuality and then he goes and fucks a dude in a bathroom, not only is he a hypocrite but he's also reminding us of how dumb that point of view is. Keep in mind, I don't know any specifics that Larry Craig has ever said. If all he did was be against gay marriage, that's NOT hypocrisy, for he wasn't getting gay married.

Same goes for Eliot Spitzer, who worked hard to arrest prostitutes and pimps in New York, and then it turns out that he was banging a prostitute regularly. Not only is he a hypocrite, but it exposes to us smarter people just how dumb anti-prostitution laws are. Even the guy who's against prostitutes likes fucking them. We're restricting personal freedom and private property.

Al Gore, telling Americans that we MUST cut back on fuel emissions or else it's the end of the world, yet he uses more fuel emissions than the average American (a lot more). He's a hypocrite and it helps us realize how tyrannical it is to have government restrict us on what we do with our private property.

And Michael Moore, the most obvious one. Hates Capitalism and major corporations, yet he has used Capitalism and has worked with corporations to make his fortune.

Overall, hypocrisy is often exposed when people say "you SHOULDN'T do this and shouldn't be allowed" yet they take part in it anyway. Does this negate the point? Not necessarily, but rarely do we find that restrictions are actually a good thing if everyone does it anyway.

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I can say (and truly believe) that lying is wrong. Most people agree with that and most people teach their children that. But in reality, has anyone ever NOT lied in their entire life? In this sense, everyone is a hypocrite if they tell anyone that they shouldn't lie. But does that make the point that "lying is bad" invalid?

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Of course not. If I give a wonderful argument against say drug use, but I am currently addicted to drugs, it should not negate it, in fact it may strengthen it.

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You can be a hypocrite and still be correct. Just because someone doesn't do the right thing doesn't mean they don't know what is right.

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