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Does increasing the speed limit to 70MPH have positive or negative effects?

Since the repeal of national speed limit laws, several states have changed the speed limit on their interstate roadways.


Do you think increasing the speed limit to 70 MPH has a positive or negative overall effect?

You may define effect in any way you wish, but classically you should consider the following: (Fuel Economy, Safety, Travel Time)


Please site evidence supporting your argument.

This debate is being used as a research project.



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There's no downside. The more people die from excessive speed the less people on the road during rush hour traffic ;)

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Jace(5189) Disputed
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If only the negligent were actually the ones who suffered from their negligence...

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They have to stay here to witness the effect of their actions ;)

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Amen, and get rid of the mandatory seat belt laws as well. Motorcycles are doing their part in Ohio by not wearing helmets.

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Pssshhht! Like I could even go that fast half the time anyway. Its bumper to bumper around here when I'm commuting.

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New Yorker? I took a vacation to New York, traffic was so immense that I decided to walk. Then the walking traffic became immense.

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Most fatal crashes happen at intersections and crowded roadways, not the interstate. In certain situations, faster is better. If you are slow than most traffic, you hold up a lot of people causing congested roadways and in turn, causing wrecks.

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Whenever I drive automatic, it's a pain to drive at 65, over time I slowly speed up to 70 and it drives me crazy. I can't just drive 65!

I Can't Just Drive 55
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As long as people understood how to drive; I.e. What lane to be in, there shouldn't be a need for any speed limits.

Look into the autobahn for your research project.

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Ultimately, it does depend upon what consequences you value more: safety, efficiency, liberty, etc. The research is conflicting and generally biased in its presentation, and if I am honest I do not care enough to dig past all the superficial misinformation (e.g. like this and this).

If we are strictly discussing raising the speed limit from 60/65 to 70MPH, however, I would contend that the shift in harms and benefits is fairly negligible. Collisions are likely to be critical or fatal traveling at 70MPH, but the same must really be said for 60/65. The incidence of accidents might go up, but I do not have the evidence to know one way or another and rather doubt that 5-10MPH makes much of a difference; accidents are usually caused by negligence above all else and negligent drivers will be negligent regardless of the limit. As far as efficiency goes, a change in 5-10MPH is also not terribly significant unless you are traveling distances more efficiently covered by other means of transportation (e.g. train, plane, etc.).

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Think of the children! If we drive at 70mps instead of 65mps, think of all the mayhem and slaughter that will occur! If we truly want to be fuel efficient, safe and have the ability to travel well, it's time we took a stand. Call your congressmen and tell them that you will no longer stand for the carnage caused by cars. If we all work hard and hold hands together, we can get a nation wide ban on automobiles. It be would an achievement so momentous that everyone would probably forget about the moon landing and just talk about the impact we as a people made.

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DevinSeay(1120) Clarified
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Sarcasm is strong with this one.

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driving at high speed would be dangerous. Accidents will be more and there will be lots of problems. It is better to drive slowly and safely.

there should be speed limit of 70 MPH only when someone has to reach somewhere urgently.

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