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Does it makes sense to air an Anti-Abortion ad during the super bowl?

So if you're going to reject a Pro-gay commercial, is it right to accept an Anti-Abortion commercial?

Sure, why not?

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Wait...., what? No!

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What have you people come to? Saying 'sure, go ahead' to a homosexual commercial, but saying 'No, you can't do that' to an anti-abortion commercial! What ever happened to freedom of speech?

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If it's funny like the gay commercial, I would love anything about abortion.

Abortion has to be one of my most favorite subjects (currently) to joke around with. If they came out with a comedy ad about abortion (pro or against) I would love to see it.

Also, I'm for the airing of the gay ad as well. But I hate censorship, especially when it effects comedy.

Now in all seriousness, if the anti-abortion ad is a serious thing (like if the gay ad becomes) I wouldn't like it. I hate advocacy that gets serious and melodramatic. Go ahead, air it, but I'll just not pay attention.

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Pineapple(1448) Disputed
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It is serious. It's a PSA, essentially.... but still, it features a football player, at least.

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JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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oohhhhh no that sounds terrible D: [sarcasm]


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A commercial about a dating site vs a commercial about saving lives.

I wonder what's more important.

Aside from that, is it some how wrong that I only want commercials that I like and agree with to be aired on the super bowl?

I'm guessing you're going for the hypocrite card. I don't want the gay dating site commercial because I think it sounds like a stupid commercial and I don't care about some gay dating site. (for the record I also don't care about straight dating sites).

I like the sound of an Anti abortion commercial because, yes, I'm against abortion. It's something I think is important and that I care about.

So yeah i'm not a hypocrite.

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Why Not? It is America. Home of the Free, but a homosexual ad was dropped by CBS because they deemed it inappropriate for Super Bowl audiences. It is not right to reject Pro-Gay commercials.

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If I could end all commercial advertisement, I would. If I could destroy every television station that wasn't made for the primary function of information, I would. But then I would be bored, and end up breaking more things as a result. You see, I am a confused individual. Inside my mind are several people of different beliefs all in one big fistfight, (except for the liberal, he's a conscientious objector). I feel that all promotion is sinister in that the bottom line is to BUY! BUY! BUY!, and at the same time I feel that all should be able to speak or promote whatever they wish. I am unsure what to think about anything at any point in time because I see everything in far too many simultaneous angles.


The only thing I know is that life should be promoted. I have no idea when life begins, and I do not think I can decide for everyone else.

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"I feel that all promotion is sinister in that the bottom line is to BUY! BUY! BUY!, and at the same time I feel that all should be able to speak or promote whatever they wish."

lol I totally know what you mean. I like freedom of speech and capitalism and all that stuff but I HATE commercials and advertising in general.

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