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yes, it does no, it's fiction
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Does luck really exist?

yes, it does

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no, it's fiction

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How do you define luck? Simply good things happening to you or possession of some mystical thing that causes good things to happen to you? The former defenitely exists because good, bad, etc will always happen. Things go our way sometimes, sometimes they don't.

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judgemaster(265) Disputed
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But cannot everything be traced back to some logical action which results in our favor or disadvantage?

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zephyr20x6(2386) Disputed
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Exactly. Things outside of my control benefit me by chance, or does the opposite by chance. Luck by chance exists, but not by as any power or mystical thing. Thanks for helping me find the better means to express myself, I don't mean that sarcastically or provokingly, you genuinely pointed out with what I was talking about with my first def of luck.

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No one can tell anyone that it wasn't his lucky rabbit's foot that made him win the jackpot on a slot machine. Luck is in the mind of the beholder.

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