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Does social media have more of a negative or positive impact on human interactions.

When it comes to social media, there are now so many ways to talk to someone online. AT the same time, this decreases the amount of face-face time spent interacting. Are there more negatives or positives that come out of the expanding industry of social media. 

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Well, we don't really talk to each other in the accepted meaning of the word.

We communicate in the form of a text which lacks the natural undulation of voice tone and word emphasis.

The absence of body language and facial expressions makes person to person interfacing a significantly less personal experience and pretty much devoid of personality.

Many people use social media to rent their resentment induced frustrations while on the network and this leads to the inevitable name-calling and, in extreme cases the use of profanities.

Social media is creating a generation of FORTHRIGHT CYBER PERSONALITIES who would be withdrawn in real life.

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amyjetson(1) Clarified
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Well, I think it totally depends on the use of social media. Which certainly rely on person to a person nowadays. While, on the one hand where social media truly becomes a blessing for business owners in order to promote their business with the help of content writing services Pakistan, there are also many negative usages of it especially at the end of youth. It is impacting greatly on the mental behavior of our generation. But I think if we elders put some effort and keep eye on our younger generation then we could lead some productive use of social media by them.

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The media takes what they want and they can fabricate it into what they want it to say, for instance, if a reporter wanted you to look bad all she would have to do would interview you, and force conflict out of you, once it's out she can edit it to make you look like the bad guy.

now everything in social media isn't bad, but the vast majority of it is. The truth is, it is human nature to look at the bad side of things. People like to look at the mistakes you do and then dangle them over your head. You could have saved millions of dollars and donated it all to charity but if you make a simple mistake as every human does. Then now you're a pathetic little felon, that is a no-good human being. It's arbitrary. And the media is what makes it known. It's a great place to get the word out. What's even worse is if you tweet something people don't like many years ago, they turn around and use it on you, and then they are out of a job. The media can be good, but it's really not the best place to be


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