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Does the Coronavirus exist?

Yes it does

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Pretty sure it doesn't

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It DOES exist as a hoax perpretrated on John Trump. He countered it with his "Superman hoax" that I predicted in advance. :-)

Milania, though, doesn't play quite so good as Superwoman, she's apparently having a Kryptonite moment. Good luck to her, she's put up with enough.

It seems we are having a pandemic of hoaxes the last 4 years. I hope "The John" gets a shot for it/them. What would we do without him! (Maybe live peacefully ever after?;-)

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Does the Coronavirus exist?

Hello K:

No, and the Earth is flat, we didn't land on the moon, 9/11 was a hoax, the Democrats drink baby's blood and sell them into sexual slavery. Bin Laden is ALIVE and so is John Kennedy. In fact he's SOO alive that he's gonna team up with Trump to SOLVE all the worlds problems.



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And purple sptted unicorns shit butterflies out their assholes. ;)////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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And purple sptted unicorns

Hello Y:

Oh, yeah.. I forgot about them.


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