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Does the Fermi Paradox prove God exists?

The Fermi Paradox uses the Drake Equation and other schools of thought to state that just our part of the galaxy should be "teaming with intelligent life", much less the rest of the observable universe.


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Please provide more information as the Fermi Paradox has absolutely nothing to do with the existence of god.

Aside from this, many reject the idea anyway; just because the don't exist here doesn't mean they don't exist elsewhere.

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I think the paradox is.....interesting if not questionable. It doesn't really have much to do with God unless you are making a connection that God started life all over the universe as opposed to just Earth but I'd like to see if that's what you're suggesting.

I don't really agree with the Fermi Paradox either, just because the universe is vast, and we are just now spotting some planets that are capable of sustaining life, it doesn't mean life has already occurred or that said life was capable of interstellar travel.

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I think it was Bill Nye who responded to this pointing out a few things, mainly that the hunt for life in the galaxy is really, really hard. We as a species have been looking for a relatively short amount of time, and we don't really know what we're looking for.

But even if we knew for a fact that we were alone in the universe, I still don't think that would do anything to prove that God exists.

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DevinSeay(1120) Clarified
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I'm not disagreeing with what you say, but just a heads up. Bill Nye isn't a "real" scientist. He is... or was... a mechanical engineer. He has no other "certification" backing him.

On another note, I do believe he is a very intelligent man. Even though I disagree with him a lot.

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pirateelfdog(2655) Clarified
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Oh, I know, don't worry. Although I would argue that years of working on, teaching, and lecturing on various areas of science do give him at least some authority to speak, and as you said, I do think he is pretty intelligent.

I also disagree with him a lot. But thanks for the clarification!

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I don't know much about the Fermi Paradox and therefore I really can't debate it sadly.

However, I will add something. As said above, we are just now discovering other exoplanets. Planets in which we can't see, even with our technology. On top of that, they are light years away. In the end we really don't know.

Just food for thought.

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