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The Wage gap DOES exist The Wage gap DOES NOT exist
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Does the Gender wage gap still exist here in the U.S in 2017?

Does the wage gap here in our country that we have been fighting since the 1930's still extist today?

The Wage gap DOES exist

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The Wage gap DOES NOT exist

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Hello C:

I'm a liberal.. I've been fighting for women's rights for a LONG LONG time.. According to you, that battle was won a long time ago.. Who knew?

People of your ilk usually tell us that there's no such thing as racism either.. Do you think we won that fight too??


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No, as proven many times the so called " 0.78 per 1.00 a man makes" which is commonly thrown around my modern day feminists It is NOT TRUE. The whole calculation in the first place was made by taking the median yearly income of a working women and dividing it by the yearly income of a man. It did not include the occupation, position, education, hours worked, etc. If you go to the U.S Department of Labor Statistics it will show you that an average man works more hours than the average women, whether we like it or not, its the way it is. Many different reasons for this, but that is not my place to disguise why. Then people say that the reason women are in low paying positions is because women don't get a good enough education, yet women make up 56% of the colleges in the U.S

Side: The Wage gap DOES NOT exist