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Does the "Knight in Shining White Armor" imagery counter the Womens Rights Movement?

hope I worded this debate properly


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I consider myself a feminist. I am a male and yet I have always sympathized with the gender roles that were imposed onto women in our patriarchal society. I have dated feminists in the past, in fact I prefer it. I am a huge advocate of being equal and fair.

That being said, I find it absolutley mind bending that most women who I have talked to will not go dutch on a first date, will not approach men at a bar, expect to be "stay home moms", etc.....all the things that place a man in the sterotypical social role they were expected to be in for hundreds of years prior. I know that may sound sexist (and it isnt meant to).

I live in NYC, the only city in the USA where women make more money on average than men...and yet, everytime I go on a date...I have to pay or I am a creep! I feel like this mindset of what a man is suppossed to be...completely counters what women have been fighting for since the 20's!

How are we supposed to get past these gender roles? Are there women disgusted by women that continue to cling to old gender roles as badly as they are with men who cling to old-fashioned thinking? Or is this just payback for centuries of suppression?

Or maybe I am missing something...I am certainly not close-mided to hear a logical reason as to why I am wrong.

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It's ridiculous, women are opportunistic in that they want equal rights and equal treatments when it's convenient and beneficial to them yet they want to be treated unequally (i.e. superior) to men when it's inconvenient (see doing yardwork, paying for things on dates, being the primary breadwinner, etc).

That is one of the major reasons I'm never getting married. See this debate for more on that subject.

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I agree it does seem to go against Womens rights movement.

just like blammo said, by men being the "knight in shining white armor" it continues the roles society has deemed necessary by men and women.

also this whole thing about having roles delegated to us by society is frustrating and i think wrong. such as when men are expected to do certain things for women and vice versa.

its a shame though that we need to define a term as feminist since women should always have been and continue to be equal alongside men in all aspects of society and life.

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I'm not sure what side to pick because somehow I don't fully understand the question, though, I have an idea of what it's asking from what I read on the left side.

I understand the frustration that women want equal rights, yet, are conforming to the social norm of the past (staying at home with the children, not working, being maids). I do think that all contradicts what you guys are trying to make sense of, but I'll take a dif approach. I think by what women mean when they want 'equal rights,' is to actually not be treated like we're just to be used by our husbands and required to stay indoors cleaning all the time. We want to be ABLE to work when we want to work, to bring in money, to have to share cleaning responsibilities with our partners, to not have children if we choose so, and to be able to vote. Granted, we've been giving permission (and it's sad we NEEDED permission) to do all those over the past, um... 50 years? 100? But still in society, there are men that still want women to be the way they were centuries ago, and there are also women that are fine with being one of those women... those are typically referred to as the conservatives in this country. I think a lot of it has to do with what the bible says too... so, those wanting equality and change are more liberal.

As for the stuff about men being stuck paying on dates even if the women makes more money, I think has more to do with two things: the woman is greedy, or she still believes in "old fashioned" behavior, or chivalry, from the men. I personally, do agree it's a little ridiculous and women should have no problem paying on dates sometimes. It may also show that the man still has most of the power between the two, by paying all the time. We may want equality, but we still want a strong man who takes a stand. We just don't want that attitude from men that makes us feel like servants and mindlessly useless beings.

Oh, and one last thing, most of this about women still clinging to old fashion values probably has more to do with the type of household they grew up in. Our generation isn't quite out of it yet, but the next generation, just might pull out of it.

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Hello Nichole,

A woman who desires to be subject to some other man (her employer) is a question that is extremely important. A wife and mother who thinks she has the right to subject herself to the demands of another man (employer) for pay is selling her labors.

This problem is the result of husbands who are too selfish.

I'll edit this argument at a latter time. Until then consider the implications.

If you think your position is defensible I invite you to contradict my position.

Don't complain about servitude to your husband by protecting your servitude to an employer.

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I don't really understand what you are saying... a woman working for an employer is the same as a woman working for her husband (in the house?)

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This is not a black and white question because the Women's Rights Movement has morphed over time. It used to be equal rights for women. Currently, the Women's Rights Movement almost wants to force women against their genetic makeup. Women want to feel independent and be independent but deep down, they still yearn to be taken care of. Not because they can't fend for themselves (I don't believe that women are the weaker sex) but because it makes them feel loved.

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Don't most men like to be taken care of too though? That's why they want to marry someone willing to take care of them. I think both sexes like to be "taken care of" in different ways. Not a feminist issue in my mind.

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Yeah, you're right. Like when I'm sick I'm like, "Hun?..... Is that you?..... Come a little closer, I can't see you..... I'm dying!" Yup, I milk it ;)

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The image of a Knight in shining white armor counters naught the women's right movement. 'Tis a mere symbol of heroism and protection standing to say that a man has the"obligation" to protect a woman. The women's rights movement has nothing to do with protection, it has to do with equal rights to those of men, earning respect. By saying that the Knight in shining white armor image counters the movement, one would be stating that women are far too proud to need rescuing/protecting/respect. In other words, it is achieving the opposite of what women want. Every being, man or woman needs to feel protected, the image of a parent caring for a child, two old persons taking a walk, the knight in shining white armor and a woman standing beside a man all convey that image of protection.

That the image makes feminists feel undermined is different. Feminists are not the only one's fighting for women's rights, they are they ones that take it to the extreme my seeking Independence from men. My personal believe is that said independence is not necessarily needed since, like I said, no human being can truly stand alone and be happy.

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