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 Does the US Government keep secrets about Aliens? (3)

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Does the US Government keep secrets about Aliens?

Hello, I'm a student.  I don't live in America.  I just want to know what Americans think.  Do you think your government (Pentagon) knows the truth about existence of extraterrestrial beings but are keeping it a secret from the public? I saw many tv programs that many countries in the world are in on a conspiracy to keep this information secret.  Please tell me what you think?
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Anybody who thinks intelligent aliens are visiting Earth does not understand the distances involved in interstellar travel, or how primitive and uninteresting humanity would be to any race capable of achieving it.

The people who believe this kind of stuff are crazy. You ask them for evidence and they tell you they can't give you any because the government has destroyed it.

Which kind of begs the question of how they know about it in the first place.

I think they are either hiding Alien contact or they are hiding very advanced technology. I personally believe that the micro chip was something we got from Aliens

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CIA.... NSA.... Yeah, I think the US keeps secrets about aliens.

The moon is clearly an extraterrestrial being. I suppose you can add NASA to that list.