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Does the US constitution prevent America from evolving their democracy/political process?

This will probably be a tad helpful to my A2 politics course, so I hope some of you will be able to provide some interesting points.

The US Consitution was one of the first codified constitutions in the world, but by being entrenched in American democracy reform of the constitution is very difficult. It may also be helpful if you stated whether you believed the US Constitution is good for American Democracy.


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I think the US constitution is a good thing.

I don't think that the process to change the constitution is too hard. The people in power over here can't even agree on how to spend money, and that's all they do. Why should they have an easier time changing the constitution? They will just screw it up.

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Axmeister(4320) Disputed
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"I don't think that the process to change the constitution is too hard. "

Yet the USA has only made 27 Amendments to the constitution throughout its entire existence, or do you believe that the constitution represents the national interest to such a degree that the population rarely wants it changed?

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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I haven't seen anything that needs to be an amendment proposed. The USA really only has 25 amendments. The 18th and 21st amendments shouldn't count because they cancel each other out. I am saying that the process should be hard because the country is being run by idiots who would make changes at the drop of a hat. Most of the population is not really smart enough to know the best ways to fix the constitution, so I don't think change should happen all the time.

If you think the process is not easy enough, then how do you explain the 18th amendment that needed to be removed by the 21st amendment. Maybe the process should be harder.

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