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Does the U.S government see public rebellion as a possibility?


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I think we need a revolution every so often, just to keep the government on its toes ;)

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The government might need a revolution but it's not going to happen! American government has been in control too long to allow citizens to take the reins of control. Let us not forget that we as citizens cannot come together in a unified solidarity relationship. Now that government officials are entrenched in public office they have at their disposal the United States Army, Air Force, Marines,, special forces, SWAT which is to say these are no longer the days of Union against the Confederates today we don't only have firepower we have devastating firepower. The ones who will be launching missiles (smart missiles) will not be the civilians.

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ProLogos(2794) Disputed
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I think if we got the south pissed off at the government then we'd have a fighting chance.

They all have guns there.

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wisegrip(132) Clarified
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Well I guess that is a possible avenue. Clearly The People will need as much help that we can mustard. The People will be going up against professional procrastinators.

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I think it's disgusting, the amount of faith in America, missing from a large portion of AINO's. They call themselves Americans but they have NO faith in the elected American Government, or the process that makes U.S. a democracy!

The only way we'll have a rebellion is if voting controls allow us to elect a person who will destroy that process and begin to re-interpret and ignore that Constitution .... like Trump! Deregulate to destroy our clean air and water, allow corporations a freedom to put whatever in our food that will make more profit, send unproven drugs to the people before they are reasonably safe (HUGE profits, there!)etc. REGULATIONS are for the protection of the people, sorry the "record profits" of today aren't enough for the greedy capitalists, like the Kock Brothers, who care for ONE THING, their record profits (and, of course, freedom from taxes ON them!)

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