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 Does the election of Obama signal the Apocalypse ? (9)

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Does the election of Obama signal the Apocalypse ?

Some have argued that the election of Obama will bring about the end of the world. What do you think and why ?

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The Apocalypse didn't start the first time he got elected.

Apocalypse, this is every unlikely, stagnation and inflation is in our future.

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You could be right. We'll see about stagflation, I actually think barring unforseen consequences and a resoultion of "The Fiscal Cliff" that growth may be okay. I think alot of money that's been sitting on the sidelines will enter the econmy over the next 2 years. However on inflation I'm worried about 2 things. First, Iran, even talk of war drives up oil prices and a real one will be devestating. Second, the US drought, if this weather pattern is part of a long term trend we could see serious inflation.

Economic growth will not resolve the potential dangers of the fiscal cliff reserved in the deficit and debt. The only solution is higher taxes, which means economic devastation where there is little production and a lot of consumption, and America is already turning into a spend and consume rather than a save and produce country. This result only leads to less freedom and prosperity.

War doesn't drive the price of oil, that is inflation, sure there is fluctuations in supply and demand, yet not not dramatic.

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Well they say he is illuminati and will become a dictator of the US so you"ll never know

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Highly unlikely although there are some tough times ahead. Some folks say we're headed toward WW3, I think this is unlikely. I worry more about Gulf War 3, in particular Syria. As we speak we've had Syria shoot down a Turkish aircraft, encroach on the Golan, and Jordanian soldiers killed by Syrian miltants. Not to mention Iran vs Isreal or the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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It's incredibly short-sighted and flat out dumb to insinuate that a president winning another term will somehow kickstart the beginning of the apocalypse.

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The title was intentionally provocative. But this is a valid meme that's out there. Whether literally or figuratively alot of people believe Obama's election signals the end of the world as we know it. The literallists believe that Obama's election will lead to a nuclear war between Iran and Isreal leading to the final world war and the fulfillment of biblical prophesy. I disagree, but I'm curious about what others think.

No! President Obama has nothing to do with any type of doom.