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Does the outcome of a child reflect upon their parent's abilities?

If a child became a doctor or scientist, does that reflect his or her's parent's ability to raise them responsibly?

If a child became a drug-addict or theif, does that reflect on his or herss parent's ability to raise them responsibly?

If a child became a banker who recklessly and short-sightedly invested money overlooking the risks, does that also reflect on the parent's?

I have given a few simple ideas to base the debate on. My main focus is not just on profession, but also moral values, monetary values, religious (or non religious) and cultural values.


Do the parents get the blame (good or bad) for the child's outcome?


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Parents do effect the outcome of a child. Even if a child doesn't listen to their parents it's probably because the parents did something that pushed the children away. If the child wants to be completely different from their parents then they have noticed that they don't like some of the things that the parents have done. Thus, they still are using their parents as a guide of what not to be.

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I feel it is unquestionable to say parents have no effect upon a child's upbringing. It's the childs upbringing that dictates how it interacts with everybody else. It's the upbringing that gives it expectations to have a great profession. It's the upbringing that can cause them too have their own opinions and views on the rest of the world.

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The outcome of a child is very reflected upon the parent's abilities because love and support parents are critical to a child's development.

If the parents are a doctor or lawyer, then the child will not have the pressure but the motivation to do just as good as mom and dad, but better.

It really come down to socioeconomic status. The opportunities provided by the parents are crucial because without opportunity, it is more than a struggle.

It is hard to imagine a child born in the slums making a successful life. It does happen, but the odds are small.

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The way a kid is, the way he understands and thinks things are all brought on by his parents. For example, an unruly, short-tempered disrespectful kid is obviously a kid who lacks discipline - which is upto the kid's parents to enforce. If his parents don't enforce discipline because they don't want to hurt the kids feelings, or emotions... it tells you a lot about them.

Or if the kid's gay. Parents must've done a bad job with him/her. :D

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yes and no.

I wanted to be a nun when i grew up. I used to get called "sybal" and "pumpkin" as a 5 yearold . I was flogged with canes jug cords planks of wood, called a slut and strangled .

I dont taunt and ridicule , flog , or reject or strangle my kids.

oh yes i did rebel and these days i guess you could say both me and mum are glad i did. Despite it exposing me to the other things it did.

I certainly didnt become a nun either .

And im happy with my life despite all the "gross entries or outcomes".

As my armegeddon has passed , and life is looking and feeling fine.

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Ok I'm trying to understand your post.

You were physically beaten in many different ways by your parents.

You have decided not to uphold the same course of action with your children.

Doesn't this reflect on your parent's decision to beat you? Leading you to not uphold the same course of action?

The fact that you rebelled reflects your parents inability to keep control over you. Note that I am not disagreeing or agreeing with your actions.

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Yes, I think the outcome of a child does reflect their parent's abilities.

HOWEVER, I must stress, this is only the case to a certain extent.

Children are undoubtedly subject to influence from their surroundings, and their most common, most evident surrounding is their parents. From a strictly psychological perspective, children are naturally inclined to emulate their surroundings as a part of child development. So yes, in this regard, how a child turns out is determined, to some extent, by virtue of how well their parent's took care of them.

Now the second is taking into consideration that children have lives outside of their household. As a consequence, they are then subject to influence from not just their parents, but other people as well. Not only that, there are factors such as influence from the media, which I feel has become an increasing influence considering the increasingly conclusive statistics showing that children are starting to watch more and more T.V.

In the end, I think something like this is very circumstantial. There are so many factors to take into account, especially regarding the frequency of time that the parents actually spent around the child, which is a defining factor as to whether the argument mentioned is valid or not. Also "abilities" is a little broad. Although I do assume it implies abilities regarding their ability to parent.

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All a parent can do is give a child a good foundation on which to build a future. I have known good people to raise nasty kids as well as people who had no right to bring a child into this world and they turned out great. so yeas and no.

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Parents do influence the outcome of their child whether good or bad.

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How many children actually turn out the way that parents had envisioned it?

They can try as hard as they want to get them to take one route, but being rebellious, they will go the exact opposite.

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TopShottah(41) Disputed
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Doesn't that just show the parents don't have a great ability at raising their child?

Some children tend to be rebellious, but that is generally between their mid-late teenage years. That doesn't completely negate their parent's hard work over the other years. After the rebellious stage their upbringing kicks in and they will have serious, responsible choices to make.

Edit: I only ask that you read the question properly and reply in accordance. If you do not wish to add a well thought out reply, I ask you do not reply at all. There's people on this site who want to participate for reasons other than increasing their points.

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Wow I've never seen a more ignorant argument.

Kids/Teens can learn and have the ability and resources to get out of any kind of slum they live in or live with (parents).

Look up the story on Fredrick Douglas?

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johnnyboy46(211) Disputed
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When you spend the first 17 or 18 years of your life, you pick up on some things. The question was if the children reflect on the ABILITIES of the parents, not the social position of the parents.

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Oh, "Forgive" me.



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So you're telling me parents have no bearing on a child's prospectives in life?

You're literally telling me parents are uselss.

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