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Does the welfare system make people and groups richer or poorer

Why Welfare Keeps Poor People Poor

Our welfare system discourages work. It discourages families from staying together. And it encourages dependence on government.

In other words, welfare keeps the poor poor.

In many cases, welfare has harmed the very people it was supposed to help, especially children.

As the taxpayer became the family breadwinner, that encouraged many men to stop upholding their responsibilities, leaving more and more women as heads of single-parent households.

On the other side of the coin, single mothers were discouraged from marrying the fathers of their children because that reduced their benefits.

Sadly, the cycle continues today as many children who grow up on welfare eventually follow in their parents’ footsteps when they have


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Does the welfare system make people and groups richer or poorer


It's the wrong question.. Welfare does neither.. What it DOES do, is feed hungry children.

Now, SHOULD we do that or not?? Lemme repeat, HUNGRY CHILDREN..


PS: As an aside, if you want MORE hungry children, not LESS, outlaw abortion.

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If you’re gonna take my money to give to someone irresponsible, then I have a right to sterilize the people who keep popping out babies to get a check!! If you are healthy and capable, you need to get a fucking job! I have major depressive disorder but I have never received welfare

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Norwich(1432) Clarified
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Well, good on you good buddy.


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It makes most of the recipients of these so called welfare checks reliant on taxpayer's handouts and less responsible.

So called welfare benefits fosters a ''devil may care'' attitude such as, ''no point in taking birth control measures as, if our night of 'gay abandon' results in us having a child Mr, taxpayer can pick up the tab.

Working my butt off is crazy when I can collect my unemployment payment and lie in bed until late then hit the pub.

What was originally formed to be a safety net has become a hammock for 100s of 1000s of wasters.

There should be a strict time limit on the period fit and healthy citizens can sponge off the taxpayer.

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