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Does the word dude have any meaning at all?

The word dude is used alot but does it mean anything

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dude originally meant ;

(courtesy of my old old websters dictionary.)

Dude n.a youth or man whose chief desire and aim is to be dresssed in the height of fashion ;

a fop ; a dandy ; an exquisite.

Ive also found in a more modern dictionary that it is the name for a camels dick.

Now it means a cool person or nothing .

Like saying "mate"

Dude! You can't be serious. I mean, really dude. How could you not like know the meaning of the word dude...., dude? ;)

Dude is an American slang term of no known etymology. It's definition is 'a man,' to put it in simplest of terms.

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For some odd reason I was told that "Dude" was actually a camels dick.. But it actually means according the dictionary

"Dude is a slang term used to refer to a friend or partner. The term dude generally refers to a man; the female equivalent, "dudette" is used less often. However, "dude" has evolved to encompass both genders." :)

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Like so totally awesome dude!

The word "dude" is too generalized. I think it just means a description addressed to any male.