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Does this at all disprove atheism?


I, like many people, surf the web and just waste time observing many sites. Although, I have been seeing many religious topics flowing through CD. So, I wanted to share this website which is totally "theist" based and claims to disprove atheism.

Understand, I post this with utter respect to atheists and I just want to see the response from a atheist upon what they think about this article.

(COPY AND PASTE THE URL ABOVE!) Sorry, I don't know how to make a link.




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common sense disproves atheism because the universe is a living organism and it needs something to run on, and whatever that is, is some type of what we would describe as god, or in my belief, the tao, which is unexplainable it is just "the way" of life

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Um... that the universe is in fact not a living organism, completely disproves your odd theory... which by the way has nothing to do with atheism vs. theism.

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casper3912(1581) Disputed
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Your proposing infinite regression or an arbitrary stopping point where we no longer need "fuel", neither is conclusive.

What does the universe consume and have as it's waste, what observable, testable evidence do you have?

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not as a fuel, i meant as in a brain

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Quocalimar(6469) Disputed
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Common sense disproves most religions.

Most religions come up with some ginormous fabricated story about how we came to be. They explain things we didn't know about by using magic to describe them.

Ex. How did earth come to be, well a giant turtle carried it on his back to the place it is now.

ex2. How did the people get created. A man with powers that we have proven don't exists created some elements then put those elements together to make us.

Not to step on your religion but those sound like the ideas a curious kids, without the means to discover, would come up with.

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common sense disproves atheism because the universe is a living organism

I just got back on after being away for a while. This comment made me laugh. You haven't changed.

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how is it not a living organism? it births and dies, and everything within it is alive in some way

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zephyr20x6(2387) Disputed
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common sense disproves atheism

You can't prove or disprove a non-assertion. The theists only hope is to turn atheism into an illogical stance by proving god. We can't prove or disprove theism either, the difference between them is that atheism is usually justified by what is not proven and not probable where as theism can only be justified by what is proven or probable.

because the universe is a living organism and it needs something to run on, and whatever that is, is some type of what we would describe as god,

How do you figure? How is this common sense? What exactly do you even mean? Are you talking about matter? Energy? What? Cause I don't see the point in calling any of this god. MAYBE if it were concious. I don't see how this makes the universe a living organism exactly.

or in my belief, the tao, which is unexplainable it is just "the way" of life

The "way of life" sounds awfully vague to me, would you care to elaborate?

I tend to find all forms of theism to be skewed from reality, pantheism is the most down to earth, least unrealistic, however your sense of reality is warped by your beliefs more so than your typical pantheist.

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Disprove atheism? Dafuq??? The question itself makes no sense.

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Your link is broken.

But it doesn't matter. The only disproof of non-belief is proof of the existence of the thing not believed in.

I assure you that if there were proof of god's existence it would not be buried in a vague broken link on a christian website no one has ever seen.

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I can't say this article doesn't disproves atheism but, if we went with the logic that humans can only grasp a single percent of knowledge that we humans are capable of, then this article can't affirm the fact that god exists. (Although, since believing in a religion isn't much about the facts its more about the faith.)

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Bad link.

No religion can prove without a doubt that their god does exist, and the only way to prove that atheism, a disbelief, is false is to prove the belief.

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You can't disprove a default position. It makes no sense. Religions make the claim that god or gods exist, that claim can be proven or disproven. Atheism REJECTS a claim and does not assert one of its own. Therfore it can't be proven or disproven because it doesn't say anything that can be proven or disproven.

For example, there's two people. One is giving a speech, the other is just shaking his head. The guy who's shaking his head can't be proven or disproven to be right because he isn't saying anything, whereas the other guy is.

And even if atheism DID say "There is no god" I'm sure your link wouldnt disprove that because I've looked a lot and haven't found any decent evidence

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It is perfectly simple to have no faith~ I don't have faith, just a few expectations: like gravity. Also that argument can be used for any number of mythological beings, including the sock monster.

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