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Does this cartoon move you?

fist bump

Obama and Lincoln do the fist bump thing. Finishing what was started over 150 years ago. We've come a long way baby ;)

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It moved my eyes. As in, I rolled my eyes at it.

Puhleeeeez. You might be shocked at how little those two have in common.

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Tamisan and Pyg are correct. Lincoln didn't care about freeing the slaves; he cared about keeping the union intact.

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Actually that's not true. The Lincoln vs. Douglas debates were basically 7 debates about slavery. Lincoln argued that slavery was wrong, and his oratory excellence gained him national recognition.

As president he felt it was his duty to protect the constitution and because the constitution allowed slavery, he didn't try to abolish it. Later though, he was able to abolish slavery under the guise of doing it as a way to help preserve the union.

Supporting Evidence: Lincoln Douglas Debates (
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VERY sour grapes! What do you know about what these two people may or may not have in common? He hasn't even taken office yet! You're moving my eyes at this in crossed!

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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Lincoln favored Big Business over the Unions and Working Class. He did everything he could to win a war, no matter how many rules he broke (suspending Habeas Corpus and going against the Supreme Court ruling).

Plus, he had that crazy ol' southern boy personality (actually, A LOT like George Bush) and was known as awkward and didn't take things that seriously.

Obama and Lincoln are nothing alike.

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Ok...., I got goose bumps.... and they started doing the goose bumps fist bump thing ;)

Regardless of who you voted for, this cartoon should move you even if just a little.

I wonder if the fist bump thing will become standard fare at the white house? ;)

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It was alright, but if you want to see something really moving read this:

Supporting Evidence: I didn't vote for Obama Today (
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What a stunning and well written story. Thanks for finding it and sharing it with us today. Now THAT'S a mover!

As for the cartoon I think it was appropriate and warm. The 16th President who ended slavery bumping with the first black person in the history of this country to become the 44th President...very nice, indeed!

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Wow - just like all the comments, I've tears in my eyes. Nice , thank you.

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Yeah - it's saying something, but I've been touched so much that a cartoon just don't get it. I felt the history when they called it for him. That was moving.

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One time this guy was dating this girl but he wanted out and I told him, "The truth will set you free" so the next time she asked him if her pants made her ass look big he said, "No, your fat ass makes your ass look big!" and she dumped him. So you see, it worked!

Supporting Evidence: testking PMI-001 (
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A conspiracy?

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No matter how much I try, I can't picture this as "moving" me. Cartoons in themselves are often light and humorous, and the jaunty, informal attitude associated with fist bumping doesn't quite help.

Perhaps a painting of Obama looking up at Lincoln's statue would have moved me more.

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I guess I'm too sensitive ;)

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i dont get it

y is his head so long?

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