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Good point. Totally crazy.
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Does this guy have a point or is he a total nut job?

Good point.

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Totally crazy.

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I think he has a good point. One of the most critical votes that these politicians will need to get is the "Angry White Male" votes. BTW, I think the link you were looking for is below.
Supporting Evidence: Angry White Man (
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I think this guy has a point, but he goes about it completely the wrong way. He says that angry white men can be rich or poor, Democrat or Republican....but the angry white man prototype he describes is clearly a well-off conservative (a business owner who likes guns). Not to mention how creepy it is when he says the thought of killing someone who needs killing doesn't bother him. And I also didn't appreciate his derogatory nod toward women and how men should "rule" the family with a rational attitude.
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Link died. "The article requested can not be found! Please refresh your browser or go back."

A sane man would have a stable URL. ;)

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