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Little gas or diesel in Europe U.S. out of derv in weeks.
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Does this make sense? keystone PL cancelled,Russian Oil banned, Reseves to China

Along with Europe we banned Russian oil and gas as punishing Russia was morally the correct thing to do for its invasion of Ukraine.
In Germany citizens are literally felling forests for firewood while in France people are queuing for hours to gas up their vehicles.
In Britain the official estimate is that up to 10,000 people could die from hyperthermia this forthcoming winter. 
Everything has to be transported to the market place and then on to the end user so the astronomical increases in fuel and energy prices has caused inflation to rocket. 

Little gas or diesel in Europe

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U.S. out of derv in weeks.

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It makes sense if the Chinese Communist Party is slipping money to said politicians under the table. Read Hunter Biden's emails, and you know that's what is happening.

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Europe's dependence on the now prohibited Russian oil and gas has brought the continent to its knees with the inevitable violent demonstrations having started and gaining momentum.

The Russian Ruble is stronger than it was before the invasion and ensuing oil & gas embargo.


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Our own IMBECILE IN-CHIEF, cancelled the keystone pipeline, outlawed exploratory drilling both on land and off shore and then GAVE our strategic oil and gas reserves to his son's very generous friends in China.

THE IMBECILE then went to Saudi Arabia and pleaded with them to increase their oil output and sell it to us.

They told him to go and yodel up the canyon and then reduced their oil production by 2 million barrels per day.

As in Europe the colossal rise in fuel prices here has fed inflation to record highs while THE IMBECILE sits on his finger making incomprehensible speeches about his socks and past baseball prowess, LIES OF COURSE*.

At first I refused to believe that just one silly old senile man could do so much damage to our great nation, but he did, and continues to do so.

Side: U.S. out of derv in weeks.