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Does this sound like a nutcase hypocrite to you?

You see, that the thing, about liberal Democrats. They are hideous lying fool, bigots. They vote for a Democrat, they way they would vote for Hitler. They don't have the right to support killing viable babies.


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They vote for a Democrat, they way they would vote for Hitler.


This goon is insane in a BIG way. My guess is that he/she/it lives in that little bubble of pseudo-reality which exists in the US where people have been convinced of an opposite version of history. The one where the Nazis were on the left, global warming is a hoax and Jesus approves of Donald Trump.

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Free upvote, if you can guess who this is............................................................................................................

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There is no way to pinpoint the mental illness in a liberal democrat, because the symptoms span a variety of malfunctions in the brain. Unless you can explain rationally why you support one view or the other, you should shut your mouth and say nothing at all. Can you without emotion, argue your position rationally? Let's try abortion for example. 8 of 10 people who say it should not be a legal right, argue "God" claims it is wrong to "kill". No matter what you want to believe, "God" sure did a heck of a lot of killing. That, is about as hypocritical as you can get!!!

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I agree with your first part, but when it comes to God killing people, it was most times killing evil people. Yes, during the great flood children also died because God knew the future of what these people would do, such as today's terrorists raising their children up to be suicide bombers.

When it comes to killing even viable babies, as the Democrat Party supports, there is no evil or future evil in the equation. It is most times done purely for convenience.

I think dismembering even viable babies, who do feel pain, for convenience, goes way beyond anything God ever did. God created all mankind and knows their future. He killed for the purpose of stopping a depraved evil culture.

No sane person can equate what God has done in the name of evil, and then justify taking innocent lives for pure convenience.

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